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Xerox PARC Interim File System (IFS) archive

With the permission of PARC (formerly the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, now a part of SRI International), the Computer History Museum is pleased to make available, for non-commercial use only, snapshots of source code, executables, documentation, font files, and other files. The files are organized by the original server on which they resided at PARC. For each server, there are one or more top-level directories containing subdirectories and files. Each file is generally presented two ways: in a viewable format (e.g., HTML, PDF), and in its original format (referred to as "raw" in the directory listings).

We invite you to explore the archive itself. You can do that by browsing the contents of each of the PARC IFS servers from the list below, or by doing text searches within the single large page Cross-reference by name (warning: it takes a long time to load).

Alternatively, you may prefer to explore the archive by viewing the walkthrough page, which provides more context on the various projects and programs, who wrote them, links to references, and details about the archive, including provenance, naming conventions, file types, etc.

You can read more about the story of this digital archive, its preservation and recovery, and a sample of what interesting discoveries can be made in it at this blog post, "A Backup of Historical Proportions," by CHM curator David Brock.


  1. [_CD4_]
  2. [_CD6_]
  3. [_CD8_]
  4. [_CDCSL_93-16_]
  5. [_CDMiwok_01_]
  6. [cherry]
  7. [Cyan]
  8. [Erinyes]
  9. [eris]
  10. [eros]
  11. [Ibis]
  12. [Indigo]
  13. [IO]
  14. [Ivy]
  15. [phylum]
  16. [Pixel]
  17. [qv]


205797 total files; 144052 unique crc32s

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