Date: 29 jan 87 (thursday) 12:33
From: olsen@BYUCSA.ARPA
To: beach.pa
Received: by byucsa.UUCP (4.12) id AA09925; Thu, 29 Jan 87 12:33:11 mst
To: beach.pa
The papers, reports, bibliographies and other parphenalia is to follow.
Below you will find each of the items numbered. Each mail message starts
with one or two lines preceeded by //*. These lines are comments to you.
These comments contain the item number an any information that I have on
how the item is to be formatted. You will note that item 2 is missing since
that is the table of contents that I am giving you below.

1) Workshop Summary
3) Report on Goals and Objectives
4) Report from Designer's viewpoint
5) Report on software environment, windowing and concurrency
6) Report on internal application architecture
The following items are individual papers
7) Bennett
8) Fischer
9) Foley
10) Green
11) Hill
12) Hudson
13) Lantz
14) Myers
15) Olsen
16) Rhyne
17) Tanner
18) A combined bibliography

I hope that this is of help to you. Get in touch if there are any problems.
I am also sending you a complete hardcopy of this which will contain the
figures for the papers.

Good Luck,