Date: 30 Mar 84 13:21 PST
Subject: [The Services Implementors <>: Fourth Update of Services 8.0 System Test]
cc: Sheil

Submit AR: please upgrade Phylex to Services 8.0, and test Interlisp-D against it. (I don't think it is necessary to include this entire message in the AR, but maybe at least the header.)  I don't know who this should be ATTN to; either Sannella or Sybalsky, I think.

Submit AR: Update Interlisp-D to Services 8.0 protocol. (Communications/NS). Description: The Xerox NS protocols have changed to not require the ability to read passwords from the server, but rather to implement a more reasonable authentication protocol. Probably other changes have been made as well, e.g., the packet exchange protocol. The first task is to make sure that Interlisp-D will play properly with Services 8.0. The second task is to read carefully the release documentation and submit the ARs of what we have to do to take advantage of any new network services. (attn: Cooper).

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Date: 28 Mar 84 22:10:19 PST (Wednesday)
Subject: Fourth Update of Services 8.0 System Test
From: The Services Implementors <>
To: ServicesSystemTest↑.es

This message announces the fourth update to Services 8.0 System Test.  It lists the changes made to the software and documentation since the third update of system test, and includes a current version of the original release message.

This update is based on Pilot 11.0i.


The "Start of System Test" message, which follows this update notice, has been modified to be pertinent to this update.


The system test configuration has been extensively expanded.  Consult the document Services 8.0 System Test Configuration for the current configuration.


Services Common Software starts System Test with this update.

Services is supplying its own microcode with this update.  There is on the AlphaServices directory a microcode file that corresponds to the equivalent Pilot microcode file.  These files should be used on all servers using AlphaServices software.

The Server Monitor was made a full-fledged service; its prefix will be SMS; it will not be named in the Clearinghouse.

Backup/Restore over the network is included in this update.

The following ARs were fixed in this update:

ECS: 5451 5501 5502 5591 5620 5665 5732 5747 5791 5792 5795 5797 5813 5850
     5831 5832 5851 5906 5923 5938 5981 5993 5996 6017 6031 6032 6054 6055 6082
     6083 6106 6116  
FS:  3422 5610 5618 5807 5862 5866 5873 5875 5905 5909 5912 5916 5919 5925 5928
     6018 6044 6046 6061 6066 6124
GWS: 4857 3204 5749 3661 5983 
IRS: 5962 5964 5980 6036 6132 6133 6356 6357
PS:  1190 1515 1547 1655 1984 2004 2475 2557 2890 3159 3643 5006 5007 5340
     5823 5949 6048 6004 5737 6027
RBS: 6090 6091 6092 6093 6095 6097 6099 6100 6119 6120 6122  
SCS: 598 666 1759 2474 4742 5223 5257 5615 5565 5622 5626 5688 5842 5892 5966 6003
Server Monitor: 5953 5960 5961 5963 5965 6123


Due to a space shortage on McKinley, the source documents for Services ESCNs and functional specifications are not on AlphaServices; only the Interpress masters are stored.

The following documents are new and have been stored in the file drawer.

	[McKinley]<AlphaServices>8.0>Services 8.0 ESCNs>
		Backup/Restore FS
		Services Common Software FS>*
		Server Monitor ESCN

The following documents were revised.

	The restrictions were updated for AS, ECS, GWS, IRS.  This is an XDE
	text file.

	[McKinley]<AlphaServices>8.0>Services 8.0 Release Summary
	Minor corrections.

	[McKinley]<AlphaServices>8.0>Services 8.0 ESCNs>
		Clearinghouse FS
		Internetwork Router Service ESCN

The updated release message follows:
Services is starting System Test of Services 8.0 in a staged fashion; not all of the functionality is in System Test at this time.  All services are in System Test, but Services Common Software is not, although there is a sufficient amount of Services Common Software to support the other services.  All of the agent software (stubs, filing, etc., is available).

This message provides pointers to the software and documentation comprising this release, discusses schedule and system test information, lists available services for client use, and describes methods for problem reporting.


This software is based on Pilot 11.0i.  Files can be found on:

	[McKinley]<AlphaServices>8.0>	-- Documentation
	[Rain|Iris]<AlphaServices>8.0>	-- Software

DF's for components on the archive directory are on [Sun]<AServices>8.0>DF>.  The DF's for the 8.0h version of Services are available on [Sun]<AServices>8.0h>DF>.
The document describing this release can be found on:

	[McKinley]<AlphaServices>8.0>Services 8.0 Release Summary
	[McKinley]<AlphaServices>8.0>Services 8.0 Release Summary (Interpress)

This document describes the release and associated documentation, and where it is stored.  (The release summary refers to the release as it will eventually be.  References contained therein to services which haven't started System Test should be ignored.)

Given that the bootfile does not contain all of the services, installation of Services software over the ethernet is complicated.  Anyone wishing to do this should contact Bob Ladner.

A list of changes to the Services Programmer's manual are contained in the folder

		Services 8.0 Programmer's Manual Change Summary>
		Services 8.0 Programmer's Manual Change Summary (Interpress)>

A list of restrictions and facilities not yet implemented is available on


The source file is a text file prepared in the Mesa developement environment and cannot be read directly using a Star workstation.

Mail sent to ServicesSystemTest↑ is retained on:


The source file is a mail file prepared in the Mesa developement environment and cannot be read directly using a Star workstation.
This version is archived as:



Services System and Product Tests are scheduled to end on June 15, at which point Services 8.0 will be released.  Updates to Services 8.0 System Test are scheduled on a bi-weekly basis until the start of Product Test scheduled for April 2.  Services will start Product Test on a staged basis.  On April 2, the GWS, IRS, and ITS will start Product Test.  On April 16, all other services will start Product Test except for SCS.  SCS will start Product Test on May 1 as will the Backup/Restore feature of the File Service.
Updates after the start of Product Test will occur as necessary until the end of OS 5.0 Product Test, at which point Services 8.0 will be released.

Information for Services 8.0 system testers is disseminated through the distribution list ServicesSystemTest↑.es.  If you know of anyone who should be on this list and who is not, please send a message to Owners-ServicesSystemTest↑.es.


A number of services are being offered for use by Services 8.0 system testers.  Those currently provided are listed below; others will be announced when the necessary software and/or hardware becomes available.  All services are registered in either the AlphaServices-ES, or AlphaServices-PA domains.

Debbie <> will act as System Adminstrator for the El Segundo services and Jennifer Douglas <> will act as System Administrator for the Palo Alto services.  Please contact them with your administrative needs or questions, or in the case of a down or inaccessible service.       

Clearinghouse Services:

  AmericanExpress serves OSBU South:Xerox, OSBU North:Xerox
  Bonita          serves AlphaServices-ES:Xerox
  Beechnut-CHS    serves OSBU North:Xerox, OSBU South:Xerox
  DeSoto          serves Alphaservices-PTL:Xerox
  Pickeral-CHS    serves Alphaservices-PA:Xerox, AlphaServices-ES:Xerox
  Hotlips         serves OSBU Bayshore:Xerox
  Ridge-CHS       serves AlphaServices-ES:Xerox, OSBU Bayshore:Xerox,
  Visa            serves OSBU North:Xerox, OSBU South:Xerox
  Whale           serves Alphaservices-PA:Xerox, AlphaServices-ES:Xerox

External Communication Services:

	TTY Ports: 1200B1CIU659, 1200B2CIU659, 1200B3CIU659, 1200B4CIU659; all 
			registered in AlphaServices-PA
		1200 baud, asynchronous, full-duplex, auto-dial,
		Bell 212A-compatible
	TTY Ports: 300A1CIU659,300A2CIU659,300A3CIU659,300A4CIU659; all registered
			in AlphaServices-PA
		300 baud, asynchronous, full-duplex, auto-dial,
		Bell 103/212A-compatible

3270 BSC:
	IBM 3270 host: OnlineBusinessSystems:AlphaServices-PA
	   at Online Business Systems (contact Larry <Garlick.PA> for info on use)
	IBM 3270 host: ES-to-Rochester:AlphaServices-ES
		at GSD/Rochester (contact Larry <Garlick.PA> for info on use)

3270 SNA:
	IBM 3270 host: dial-in line to Online Business Systems
		(contact Larry <> for information on use)
File Services

  Cambridge:AlphaServices-ES (T80, primary FS on UpAndComing:AlphaServices-ES)
  Gutenberg-FS:AlphaServices-PA (T80 disk)
  Oxford:AlphaServices-ES (T80, secondary FS on UpAndComing:AlphaServices-ES)
  Reba:AlphaServices-PA (SA-4008 disk) This file service is restricted for use by
       only the Remote Batch Service Form5081.
  SanFrancisco:AlphaServices-ES (SA-1004 disk)
  Thunderbird:AlphaServices-PTL (SA-1004 disk)

Gateway Services:

	Phone: (415) 856-2419
	Port: dial-in, 2400 baud, synchronous, half-duplex, Bell 201-C compatible
Interactive Terminal Services

	All of the lines in the list below are on a rotary, the 300 baud first. 
	Phone: (213) 615-3187
	Port: 4 lines, 300 baud, asynchronous, full duplex, Bell 103/212A
	Phone: (213) 615-0656
	Port: 4 lines, 1200 baud, asynchronous, full duplex, Bell 212A compatible
Internetwork Routing Services
        local port
        local port
	TTY Port: UB 873A/A1 registered in AlphaServices-ES owned by the ECS
		  9600 baud, asynchronous, full-duplex
Mail Services

  Acacia-MS    serves OSBU North:Xerox
  Beechnut-MS  serves OSBU North:Xerox
  Brookside    serves OSBU South:Xerox
  Beaulieu     serves AlphaServices-ES:Xerox
Monitor Service
  Resides on Bern:AlphaServices-PA

Print Service

  AppleValley:AlphaServices-ES:Xerox  (Raven printing in CP10 product test lab)
  EasyReader:AlphaServices-ES:Xerox  (FAX printing in CP10 room 1224)
         phone: (213) 640-7858
  Examiner:OSBU South:Xerox (printer in CP10, outside room 1627)
  Gutenberg:AlphaServices-PA (T-80 printer in 200G)
  Seabiscuit:OSBU North (printer in 200G)
Remote Batch Service


Except as noted in the Release Summary, Services 8.0 is backward compatible with OS 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2 releases. 


As usual, please submit all problem reports via the OS Software Adobe (AR) System, specifying "Services" as the system, 8.0h as the version and the hardware configuration on which the trouble occurred.  AFTER submitting the AR, you may contact your favorite Services implementor by phone or message or in person for attention to urgent problems.  (For crashes, if the appropriate person is not available, you should attempt to ascertain the error message that caused the crash, and the call stack before rebooting.)  Here are the appropriate names, by service:

	Clearinghouse Service: Mark <>
	External Communication Service: Bill <>
	File Service: Frank <>
	Diagnostics: Larry <>
	Gateway Service: Bill <>
	Interactive Terminal Service: Juan <>
	Internetwork Routing Service: Larry <>
	Mail Service: Ted <>
	Mail Gateway Service: Randy <>
	Print Service: John <>
	Remote Batch Service: Doug <>
	Services Common Software: Saranjit <>

Please remember that the AR database is our primary way of keeping track of the many problem reports that we receive during System Test.  We also depend on patterns of problems reported in ARs to develop a global picture of the state of the system and of the progress of System Test.  We cannot keep track of problems reported by word of mouth or by message to random implementors, and therefore we are unable to pay serious attention to problems unless they are documented in ARs.

The Services Implementors