Number: 2222

Date: 21-Sep-84 14':54':34

Submitter: Roach

Source: Roach

Subject: \BACKPEEKBIN over IMAGEOBJ at BOF breaks

Assigned To: 


Status: Open


Problem Type: Bug

Impact: Serious


Frequency: Everytime

Priority: Perhaps

System: Text

Subsystem: TEdit

Machine: 1100


Lisp Version: 19-Sep-84 12':36':46

Source Files: 

Microcode Version: 5121

Memory Size: 2688

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Disposition: '
["Sannella.PA" "21-Sep-84 15':59':26" Subject': Status':(New->Open) Priority':(->Perhaps)]

Description: When the first character in TEXTSTREAM is an IMAGEOBJ, (GETFILEPTR TEXTSTREAM) = 1, and you do (\BACKPEEKBIN TEXTSTREAM), you get the break "Trying to BACKFILEPTR thru start of text" with stack'
I''ve marked this problem serious since there seem to be a variety of other bad symptoms involving file ptr manipulation in the presence of IMAGEOBJs at and/or near the beginning of your file, including dropping into RAID (error in uninterruptable system code underneath \TEXTBACKFILEPTR), and "CAN''T GET TO NEXT PIECE".


Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 21-Sep-84 15':59':26