Number: 2114

Date:  7-Sep-84 17':10':23

Submitter: Herring

Source: Herring

Subject: Interpress, error handling, & TEdit

Assigned To: 

Attn: Kaplan, Sybalsky

Status: Open


Problem Type: Design - UI

Impact: Annoying


Frequency: Intermittent

Priority: Hopefully

System: Text

Subsystem: Other



Lisp Version:  5-Sep-84 16':37':47

Source Files: 

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Server Software Version: 

Disposition: '
["Sannella.PA" "11-Sep-84 12':55':42" Attn': Status':(New->Open)]

Description: some complaints about Interpress user interface as seen by novice Lisper (specifically I just moved from Quake to LISPPRINT':PARC) --'
	1)  on trying to print in (what TEdit calls) Helvetica 5, I am told "Master Error (page 1)': font problem; unreasonable transformation.  Banner only': document not printed because of error in processing interpress master.".  I assume this means that LISPPRINT':PARC does not have any fonts that small, & so can''t make a substitution.  Fine, but the message could give a lot more help in identifying the problem, and substituting whitespace for the offending text would be better than printing nothing.'
	2)   LISPPRINT':PARC generally has no qualms about substituting one font for another.  Yet (what Tedit calls) Gacha 10 generates the message "Appearance Error (page 1)': font problem; font ''Terminal'' does not contain 10 point characters." and is replaced by whitespace.  Any substitution would be better.'
	3)  When Hardcopying from TEdit, when the filename attached to the buffer is known, Quake prints the filename on the banner page (often anyway), but under identical circumstances LISPPRINT':PARC does not.  Gee, too bad.  Handy for identifying versions & such when you pick up the printout (& order of printouts is not preserved when they''re pigeonholed!).


Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 11-Sep-84 12':55':42