Number: 2083

Date:  6-Sep-84 16':00':49

Submitter: MikeDixon

Source: MikeDixon

Subject: Lafite does not finish initializing if a HARDRESET happens first

Assigned To: 

Attn: vanMelle

Status: Open


Problem Type: Bug

Impact: Moderate


Frequency: Everytime

Priority: Perhaps

System: Text

Subsystem: Lafite

Machine: 1108


Lisp Version:  5-Sep-84 16':37':47

Source Files: 

Microcode Version: 5124

Memory Size: 3071

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Disposition: '
["MikeDixon" " 6-Sep-84 16':03':06"]'
["Sannella.PA" "11-Sep-84 12':36':05" Attn': Status':(New->Open) Impact':(Moderate->Serious) Priority':(->Absolutely)]'
["vanMelle" "14-Sep-84 15':27':13" Subject': Impact':(Serious->Moderate) Priority':(Absolutely->Perhaps)]

Description: on two consecutive tries, loading the lastest sysout produced a DOA lafite.  the status window came up and said it was initializing, but then the process went away, the browser never got opened, and the buttons on the window did nothing but flash.'
Note':  this sysout bombs half way through initialization with a 9013 (the crock) and must be prodded to continue -- perhaps this is related?

Workaround: hammer \LAFITE.ACTIVE and restart LAFITE

Test Case: 

Edit-By: vanMelle

Edit-Date: 14-Sep-84 15':27':14