Number: 1854

Date: 15-Aug-84 15':08':31

Submitter: Sannella.PA

Source: Sannella.PA

Subject: Document how to update Interlisp to Klamath (mesa 11.0)

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Date':  6 Aug 84 13':13 PDT'
Subject': {eris}<lispcore>next> sysouts updated to Mesa 11.0 (Klamath)'
To': LispFriends↑.pa'
Last week, the DLion local file system code loaded into the <lispcore>next> sysouts was updated to work on Mesa 11.0 disks.  Mesa 11.0 (or Klamath) is a new incompatible Pilot disk format, which SDD is going to release in September.  The Harmony release HAS to be Mesa 11.0 compatible, so we are changing over now.'
If you use a Dolphin or Dorado, or if you never have a DLion local file system volume on your disk, then this does not effect you.  You can load and run the latest <lispcore>next> sysouts as usual.'
However, if you want to use the Dlion local file system with the lastest <lispcore>next> sysouts, then you will have to update your Dlion to Mesa 11.0.  This involves re-partitioning your disk, which will destroy any data on it, so be sure to save all information stored on your local disk.  (Note': The Carol release (on {eris}<lisp>current>) is still Mesa 10.0 compatible, if you want to save local file system data before switching to Mesa 11.0.)'
How to update your Dlion to Mesa 11.0':'
The instructions are similar to those given in {eris}<lisp>current>GettingStarted.tedit, except that there is a different procedure for Booting Othello 11.0 from the net [do a 6-boot; get MP 1111; press Alt-B until 6 is displayed] and the .othello files are on {eris}<lispcore>CM>.'
Unfortunately, the Lisp Installation Tool has not yet been upgraded to Mesa 11.0.  There are three ways to load Interlisp onto your Dlion':'
(1)  From Othello 11.0, use the .othello files':'
(2)  There is a modified version of Othello 11.0, called "Hello 11.0", which includes useful commands for Interlisp-D users, such as a command for copying sysouts between logical volumes.  This is stored as the boot file [eris]<lispcore>mesa>HelloDlion.boot.  There is some documentation in the file [eris]<lispcore>mesa>Hello.tedit.'
Note':  Hello is automatically stored on your disk by the .othello command files': [eris]<lispcore>cm>Partition10Lisp.othello, Partition29Lisp.othello, and Partition43Lisp.othello.'
(3)  There is a tool which can be used from within the Tajo environment to fetch and install Interlisp sysouts':  [eris]<lispcore>mesa>InstallLisp.bcd.  There is documentation in [eris]<lispcore>mesa>InstallLisp.doc'
Date':  6-Aug-84 16':42':34 PDT'
Subject': Re': {eris}<lispcore>next> sysouts updated to Mesa 11.0 (Klamath)'
In-reply-to': Sannella''s message of 6 Aug 84 13':13 PDT'
To': LispSupport'
You might note that SDD usually provides a program which automatically converts one release format to the next, and that we should be ashamed for not doing so, except perhaps in this initial configuration.'
Secondly': the directions for booting Othello 11.0 differ from location to location (it depends on what exactly is stored on the local boot server.) I will send a message to LispFriends↑ telling them about it...'


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