Number: 1807

Date: 10-Aug-84 15':42':37

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: ''ufns'' for most of the arith fns changed to have the ''right'' frame name

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Status: Closed

In/By: Harmony

Problem Type: Design - UI

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Priority: Perhaps

System: Language Support

Subsystem: Stack and Interpreter



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["Sannella" "20-Aug-84 19':13':52" Assigned% To': Status':(Fixed->Closed) In/By':]

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Date': 16 Jul 84 16':07 PDT'
Subject': non-numeric args from compiled code'
To': lispcore↑'
one of the things I changed a while back that I''ve only noticed happening recently is that I changed the ''ufns'' (trap cases) for most of the arithmetic functions to have the ''right'' frame name.'
I.e., in compiled code if you call'
and you run it compiled, and PLUS punts out, it will show up as (PLUS broken) rather than \SLOWPLUS2.'
This piece is the result of some trickery': the UFN is not really PLUS but \SLOWPLUS2, but the definition of \SLOWPLUS2 is such that its frame name is PLUS.'
I find this quite reasonable and useful in debugging, but it *is* different.'
I''ve also been running with (OVERFLOW T) in my init file, and I''ve found a few oddities (including a file that must have been made in Interlisp-10 with (RADIX -8) in 1979, since (OVERFLOW 0) just truncates) but for the most part, I''ve had no problems. We might even be able to encourage users to turn it on!'
(CAR/CDRERR is another story, but....)'


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