Number: 1555

Date: 28-Jun-84 13':40':19

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Update 1100/1132 Users Guide

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Description: '
Date': 13 Jun 84 12':04':14 PDT (Wednesday)'
From': Sannella.PA'
Subject': Re': Request for documentation change'
In-reply-to': Raim.pasa''s message of Tue, 12 Jun 84 18':45 PDT'
To': Raim.pasa'
cc':, 1100support.pasa, martino.pasa,,'
There is a little confusion here.  The only "guide" currently maintained is the "1108 Users Guide".  There is no users guide for the 1100 & 1132 --- except for old green-covered users guide, which isn''t being sent out anymore (right?).  There certainly should be an "1100/1132 Users Guide", but lets not worry about that until the Harmony release.'
The only documentation on the various 1100 microcodes that I was able to find is in the Fugue.6 release notes, created by Pasadena.  I believe that this is the documentation that the Boeing people referred to  On the last page, it says':'
"* Microcode for 1100 (dolphin) [new]':'
DolphinLispMC.eb  for 3MB Ethernet'
XMBDolphinLispMC.eb  for 10MB Ethernet'
X3DolphinLispMC.eb  both 3 and 10MB Ethernet, but no floating point."'
For the Carol release, I think that the only documentation change needed would be to change the last line to'
"X3DolphinLispMC.eb  both 3 and 10MB Ethernet, but no floating point or Color microcode."'
Date': Wed, 13 Jun 84 14':55 PDT'
From': Raim.pasa'
Subject': Re': Request for documentation change'
In-reply-to': "Sannella.PA''s message of 13 Jun 84 12':04':14 PDT (Wednesday)"'
To': Sannella.PA'
cc': Raim, Sheil.PA, 1100support, martino, lispsupport.PA, vanmelle.PA'
There IS an 1100 Users Guide, apparently of unknown parentage, which describes such 1100 specifics as MP codes and the Alto exec.  It DOES go out because there''s nothing to replace it.  One of these days (after I get back) someone will rip out everything except Chapter 1 and the appendices and call that "The 1100 Users Guide."'


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Attn: Raim.pasa, Sannella

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System: Operating System

Subsystem: Dolphin/Dorado Disk



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Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Moderate

Priority: Perhaps

Status: Open

Problem Type: Documentation

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