Number: 1523

Date: 27-Jun-84 14':48':32

Submitter: Sannella.PA

Source: Sannella.PA

Subject: Update INIT.SAMPLE to contain ALL site-specific variables

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Description: '
Date': 22 Jun 84 13':18 PDT'
From': Wogulis.pasa'
Subject': Re': [VANBUER@USC-ECL.ARPA': another parc-ism in distributed fugue 6]'
In-reply-to':''s message of 22 Jun 84 11':46 PDT'
cc': Wogulis.pasa'
Thanks for the reply. Is there a list, or can you tell me the variables that SHOULD be set in an INIT file? The standard one down here does not have STARFONTDIRECTORIES in it. How does one know about such variables? '
Date': 22 Jun 84 15':08':44 PDT (Friday)'
From': Sannella.PA'
Subject': Re': [VANBUER@USC-ECL.ARPA': another parc-ism in distributed fugue 6]'
In-reply-to': Your message of 22 Jun 84 13':18 PDT'
To': Wogulis.pasa'
cc': Sannella'
See {eris}<lisp>current>init.cis for a file showing all of the variables that should be set in an INIT.LISP file.  I should definitely update INIT.SAMPLE to include all of the latest font directory variables that need to be set.'


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Edit-Date: 27-Jun-84 14':45':50

Attn: Sannella

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System: Other Software

Subsystem: Release Procedure



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Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Annoying

Priority: Perhaps

Status: Open

Problem Type: Bug

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