Number: 1522

Date: 27-Jun-84 14':47':39

Submitter: Sannella.PA

Source: Sannella.PA

Subject: Track down and purge all PARC-isms from release sysouts

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Description: '
Date': 22 Jun 84 10':45 PDT'
From': Wogulis.pasa'
Subject': [VANBUER@USC-ECL.ARPA': another parc-ism in distributed fugue 6]'
To': Sannella.PA'
cc': Wogulis.pasa'
Should this be specified in an INIT file and not in the Sysout?'
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Received': from USC-ECL.ARPA by Xerox.ARPA ; 20 JUN 84 17':40':34 PDT'
Date': 20 Jun 84 17':40 PDT'
Subject': another parc-ism in distributed fugue 6'
To': 1100support.PA'
cc': vanbuer@USC-ECL.ARPA'
In playing with TEDIT (with PUPTRACEFLG=T ) I saw efforts to find host'
PHYLUM (which was not distributed with our system!).'
I finally traced it to the value of STARFONTDIRECTORIES ='
Slightly related to this': TEDITMENU offers a choice of fonts which includes'
CREAM, for which I have never seen any strike files (of course, I don''t '
have a printer for any of them, except as screen dumps).'
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Date': 22 Jun 84 11':46 PDT'
Subject': Re': [VANBUER@USC-ECL.ARPA': another parc-ism in distributed fugue 6]'
In-reply-to': Wogulis.pasa''s message of 22 Jun 84 10':45 PDT'
To': Wogulis.pasa'
cc': Sannella.PA'
(1)  Variables such as STARFONTDIRECTORIES are (and should be) specified in INIT files.  Up here, the local INIT files set these variables to the local values.  When a loadup is made, it is necessary to set some of these variables to local PARC values, so the loadup knows where to find font files, for instance, but there is a function ENDLOADUP which should smash all of these variables back to non-PARC values (like {DSK}).  As it happens, STARFONTDIRECTORIES is not getting smashed.  This is also true in Carol.  This is not a serious problem, because the user should always set all of these variables in their INIT files anyways.'
(2)  There is an AR to remove Cream from the list of Tedit fonts, or make the default list user-modifyable.'


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Edit-Date: 27-Jun-84 14':45':50

Attn: Sannella

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System: Other Software

Subsystem: Release Procedure



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Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Annoying

Priority: Perhaps

Status: Open

Problem Type: Bug

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