Number: 1484

Date: 22-Jun-84  8':05':14

Submitter: le.pasa

Source: Tafel.PASA

Subject: Want Installation utility to print drive size, so user knows how to partition

Lisp Version: Fugue6

Description: I have noticed that it is possible to partition a 43Mb disk as a 10Mb or 29Mb.'
I feel that the utility should AT LEAST warn you of what you are about to do.'
The system seems to run o.k. (but rigid space is wasted).'
Date': 27 Jun 84 14':08':16 PDT (Wednesday)'
From': JFung.pasa'
Subject': Re': Drive size from Prometheus script'
cc': JFung'
Looks like it is not likely to know the drive size, prior to partition.'
Btw, Describe Physical Volume is also not available from the script, as I went thru the document.  '
Date': 27 Jun 84 13':30':35 PDT (Wednesday)'
From': Curbow.ES'
Subject': Re': Drive size from Prometheus script'
In-reply-to': Your message of 26 Jun 84 14':45 PDT'
To': jfung.pasa'
Sorry, but that is not possible.'
Date': 31 May 84 19':00 PDT'
Subject': Re': Understanding DLion Booting'
In-reply-to':''s message of 31 May 84 17':26 PDT'
Since there are only 3 different kinds of disk, getting started ought to tell both how many mb and how many pages each has.  One way to find out how many pages you have on your disk (and hence what sort of disk you have) is to get into othello, start creating a new physical volume with one partition, read the maximum number of pages it tells you you can put in that partition, and hit Delete before finishing the create.  Not at all graceful (there''s gotta be a better way), but it works.'


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