Number: 1431

Date: 14-Jun-84 15':32':54

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: New DLIONFS': local file system

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Date': 25 Apr 84 00':00 PST'
Subject': DlionFS'
To': Lispcore↑, Sheil, Halasz, Halvorsen'
I would like to release the 1108 rigid disk file system for human testing.  Accordingly, you will find on {phylum}<lispcore>library> the files dlionfs.dcom, volumeallocationmap.dcom, and volumefilemap.dcom.  Documentation is on dlionfs.tedit.'
To run the file system, you should load dlionfs.dcom; it will load the other necessary files.  Should you want to change any of it, I think you will find it much more thoroughly commented than before; to change anything, you will have to be running in abc, have <lispusers>mesatypes.dcom loaded, and have loadfromed dlionfs and volumefilemap.'
This release required designing and implementing an extension to the record package; completely rewriting the volume allocation map code (which keeps track of which pages on the logical volume have been allocated); completely rewriting the volume file map code (which maps file ID''s onto disk pages); and fixing numerous bugs in the device, stream, and directory levels of the file system.  This release has been extensively mechanically checked, and since mechanical checkers have ceased to turn up bugs, it is time to turn the file system over to human testers.'
This release purports to fix the following bug classes, among others':'
(1)  Files or parts of files getting lost.'
(2)  Page allocation getting confused.'
(3)  Incorrect device event behavior.'
(4)  Version numbers < 255 (they now go to max.smallp).'
Future releases will address the following problems':'
(1)  Writing and checking labels.'
(2)  Replacing buggered model44 directories with Pilot 11.0 directories.'
(3)  Replacing Pilot 10.0 volume file map with Pilot 11.0.'
After that, Pilot files and Lisp files will be fully intercompatible.'
I would especially like to thank Steve Purcell for extensive help in understanding the Pilot 10.0 volume file map code and help in debugging the Lisp incarnation of same; and Richard Burton for designing and implementing an enhanced filebanger which was responsible for turning up many obscure bugs.'
Happy file system bug-hunting!'
-- Tayloe.'
Date':  3 May 84 09':53 PDT'
Subject': DLIONFS'
To': Sannella'
cc':, Halasz, Halvorsen, Kaplan'
New version of dlionfs on <stansbury>newdlionfs>.  Corrects a number of minor bugs you all had reported':'
(1)  Device names are U-cased now which prevents a lot of confusion.'
(2)  Volumedisplay (and several others I found) will work correctly even if the file system is not initialized.'
(3)  Initialization will work correctly no matter what machine it is loaded on (which means that it will work equally well whether put in a loadup or loaded as a package).'
(4)  Coredevices of the same name as logical volumes will be renamed right away.  ({DSK} in particular.)  That way you (a) don''t lose any core files, and (b) won''t be fooled into thinking you are writing files to the disk when you are really wrinting them to core, only to find them gone when \DFSInit later gets invoked.'
Not tested (I''m running on  a Dorado).  Will test and put on <lispcore>library> Monday. '
-- Tayloe.'


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Edit-Date: 17-Aug-84 10':19':08


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Subsystem: DLion Disk



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