Number: 1427

Date: 14-Jun-84 15':15':57

Submitter: Sannella.PA

Source: Sannella.PA

Subject: Update/improve/expand Teleraid documentation

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Description: '
Date':  2 May 84 11':52 PDT'
Subject': Lisp': Where is teleraid documentation?'
Lisp System Date': 26-Apr-84 11':50':17'
Machine': Dorado (Burton)'
Microcode version': 24,4'
Memory size': 10000'
There is a file teleraid.tty on <lisp>fugue> but nothing with *tel* on either <lispcore> or <lispmanual>.  Is there teleraid documentation elsewhere or should the fugue thing get incorporated into the manual?'
Sender': Sannella.PA'
Date':  4 May 84 12':46':16 PDT (Friday)'
Subject': Re': Lisp': Where is teleraid documentation?'
In-reply-to': Burton''s message of 2 May 84 11':52 PDT'
To': Burton'
cc': LispSupport'
The information in <lisp>fugue>teleraid.tty about using Teleraid from 1108s is in the "1108 Users Guide" that Pasadena puts out.  What we don''t have is documentation on using Teleraid to debug an 1108 remotely.  Does this exist anywhere?'
Date': 24-Jun-84 17':57':10 PDT'
Subject': TeleRaid documentation'
To': LispSupport, 1100Support.pasa'
I recall writing some more/sligthly better documentation for TeleRaid, but I forgot where I put it. Did I send it to any of you folks? '
Marty Yonke at IG was asking about it...'
(If nobody answers, can someone put in an AR for better TeleRaid documentation?)'
Subject': Re': TeleRaid documentation'
In-reply-to': masinter''s message of 24-Jun-84 17':57':10 PDT'
To': masinter'
cc': LispSupport, 1100Support.pasa'
The only Teleraid documentation I have seen is that in the 1108 Users Guide (right above the list of 93xx MP codes).  There is a slightly expanded version of this (including info on running TELERAID on Dolphins and Dorados) in the Fugue.4 release  release notes.'
See AR 1427': Update/improve/expand Teleraid documentation.'


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