Number: 1399

Date: 12-Jun-84 16':36':49

Submitter: stansbury

Source: stansbury

Subject: processes': exec window grabs keyboard too much

Assigned To: vanMelle

Attn: Release

Status: Fixed


Problem Type: Design - UI

Impact: Annoying

Difficulty: Easy

Frequency: Everytime

Priority: Hopefully

System: Text

Subsystem: TTYIN

Machine: 1108


Lisp Version:  6-Jun-84 15':58':44

Source Files: 

Microcode Version: 5124

Memory Size: 8191

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Disposition: '
["vanMelle" "28-Aug-84 22':00':01" Assigned% To': Attn': Status':(Open->Fixed)]

Description: The  current caretology/keyboard/exec behavior has the exec stealing the keyboard whenever any mouse action takes place in it.  It is my belief that the exec should take the keyboard on mouse action  iff '
(a) the mouse action was not to bring up a menu, and '
(b) the mouse action was not to totopw the exec window.'
Thus, shrinking the exec window when it does not own the keyboard should not cause it to snatch the keyboard (and so unshrink it when the caret first flashes).  And when the exec does not own the keyboard and the exec window is buried, it should take one mouse click to bring the exec window on top and another to give it the keyboard.'
Date': 25 Jul 84 15':01 PDT'
I agree with your first point, that clicking for the window menu in an exec window should not give the exec the tty.  On your second point, concerning bugging the window (I assume with Left or Middle) to bring it to the top, I disagree; it is perfectly reasonable to give the exec the tty in that case.  In fact, I don''t know of any system process that does NOT behave that way.'
The first point is the fault of TTYIN.  I have recategorized the AR, and will fix it next time I''m in that code.'


Test Case: 

Edit-By: vanMelle

Edit-Date: 28-Aug-84 22':00':02