Number: 1382

Date:  8-Jun-84 12':01':44

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: BREAKs from within DEdit sometimes unbroken on exiting DEdit

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Description: '
Date': Fri, 8 Jun 84 06':23 EDT'
Subject': Forced UNBREAKs'
To': LispSupport'
cc': dmrussell'
Very occasionally, I will have a function that simply won''t allow me to install a break. That is, I''ll be Dediting a fn, I select an sexpr of the fn and use Dedit''s BREAK button.  Dedit installs BREAK1 correctly, but when I exit, someone always manages to do a "FooFn UNBROKEN".  Why does this happen?  And how to I avoid it?  It''s not really obvious how to get out of this state.  Also seems to apply only to certain fns.  I can''t even reliably cause this to happen.  It just /seems/ to happen every so often.  Anyone else seen this?'
-- DMR -- '


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Edit-Date:  8-Jun-84 11':58':19

Attn: Sheil

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System: Programming Environment

Subsystem: Code Editor



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Difficulty: Hard

Frequency: Intermittent

Impact: Annoying

Priority: Perhaps

Status: Open

Problem Type: Bug

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