Number: 1356

Date:  5-Jun-84 15':55':11

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: New Lafite release

Lisp Version: 

Description: '
Date':  3 Jun 84 17':13 PDT'
Subject': New Lafite release'
To': LispFriends↑'
There is a new version of Lafite on <LispCore>Library> and in the latest Full.sysout.  This version requires the newest version of Grapevine, and a recent version of Tedit, so I don''t recommend you load it into older sysouts.'
Lafite now comes in 4 files instead of just one': LAFITE, LAFITEBROWSE, LAFITEMAIL, LAFITESEND.  Loading LAFITE.DCOM loads the others.'
The most visible changes in this release concern message sending': Lafite prompts for a Reply-to field if you are sending to a distribution list; during delivery there is an abort button you can hit to stop delivery; the message window is not greyed out; and the "Abort" menu item from the Deliver menu has been removed--if you want to flush a message composition window, just Close it as you would any other window.'
By semi-popular demand, the MoveTo command now by default ALWAYS asks for confirmation.  Actually, it''s controlled by a flag': LAFITEMOVETOCONFIRMFLG = ALWAYS is the default; LEFT is the old behavior, where it only asked for confirmation if you selected with left; NIL means never ask for confirmation.'
I am experimenting with some extra commands.  The first collection is some search commands.  To get these, load a fifth file, LAFITEFIND.DCOM.  With this file loaded, middle-button in a browser title bar brings up a menu of search commands.  You can search for arbitrary text in a message''s From field, Subject, or its body (slow); you can also search for "related" messages, defined crudely as those with the same subject as the current message, plus or minus "Re':".  The result of the search is that the found message, if any, is selected and its summary line is scrolled into view.  You can also search for ALL messages matching the search string.  The interface is fairly rough, but I find these commands useful enough that it seemed worth releasing them for others to play with.  Suggestions are welcome.'
The following AR''s are believed to be fixed':'
209	Want consistency in MoveTo confirmation'
258	Should notice registry of (USERNAME)'
424	Want "write toc?" instead of "Update folder?" question when nothing changed but toc not up to date'
472	Want reply-to field for messages sent to DL''s'
618	lafite(on) should coerce to LAFITE(ON)'
648	Moving messages loses ? mark'
740	Shrunken Lafite browser should not expand just to add "f" etc.'
812	Want way to abort message send'
1241	Want saved forms to automatically position to first template'
1246	Arg not ARRAY when forwarding'
1247	Don''t display after delete if multiple messages selected'
1248	Hardcopy of messages run together'
1250	Want error message if attempt to move to the same file'
1252	DELETE with no selection leaves on highlighting'


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Edit-Date:  5-Jun-84 15':54':41


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System: Text

Subsystem: Lafite



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