Number: 1355

Date:  5-Jun-84 15':53':47

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Inspector window should have title describing how the inspector was created

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Date': Sun, 3 Jun 84 14':52 EDT'
Subject': Suggestion for Inspector'
To': LispSupport'
cc': Burton, dmrussell'
When I''m deep inside a data structure, I often have 10 or so inspect windows open pointing from the same datatype.  Lots of times, I get confused about where a particular inspect window came from.  I''ve thought about implementing "strings" that would tie an inspect window back to the "window which gave it birth" -- but I''ve always thought it would look messy.  '
Instead -- how about putting a description of "where this inspector comes from" in the title of the inspect window.  '
For example': '
Suppose I do an (INSPECT (WHICHW)).  This would give me an inspect window with a title of "(INSPECT (WHICHW))."  Call this inspector window A.'
If I now select the  NEXTW slot of window A and INSPECT it (middle mouse), it would create window B with title': "NEXTW from (INSPECT (WHICHW))"  '
If I new select the SAVE slot of window B and INSPECT it, it would create window C with title': "SAVE from NEXTW from (INSPECT (WHICHW))"  '
And so on...'
This way, I would always be able to backup the chain of window titles and understand where a window came from.  I think this is a much better idea than putting a copy of the window contents into the window title.  (Why do the same thing twice?)  '


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