Number: 1348

Date:  5-Jun-84 14':23':45

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: LispInstallationTool gives error': "insuficcient disk space error"

Lisp Version: 

Description: '
Date': 30 May 84 11':11 PDT'
Subject': Lisp': Serious problem with LispInstallationTool'
Lisp-System-Date': 25-May-84 12':42':14'
Machine-Type': Dandelion'
I reported in an AR of May 29th that I could not put a sysout onto an 1008 with a SA10000 disk because of a "insuficcient disk space error".  I now have exactly the same prbolem on a machine with a 43MB disk.  I can not put a sysout on any of the partitions on this machine with the LispInstallationTool even though they are all standard 16200 page volumes.  Moreover, on this machine it does not help to revert to the old InstallLispTool.  This tool also files to install files with the same error message. If I use Othello to install Lisp on this machine, everything works according to the recipe.  The only common traits of the two machines exhibiting this these problems are':'
	1. They both use LispInstallationUtility'
	2. They have both been running <lispnew>current>full.sysout'
	3. They both have local DSK partition'
On the 43MB machine there was an additional peculiarity in the behavior of LispInstallationtool':  When I started the tool the parameter window had about 100 non-printing characters in it (black squares).  I went back to Tajo and looked at the file to determine whether it was munged. In trying to do this (i.e. booting the Tajo volume) I got hung in 915.  When I managed to boot Tajo with a 1 boot I discoveredthat the file was perfectly good.  When I started the tool again the parameters displayed ok, but I was unable to install a sysout, as described above. I have scavenged all logical volumes to no avail.'
Date':  8 Jun 84 10':21':22 PDT (Friday)'
From': JFung.pasa'
Subject': Re': AR 1348': LispInstallationTool gives error': "insuficcient disk space error"'
In-reply-to': JFung''s message of 6 Jun 84 09':18':24 PDT (Wednesday)'
cc': 1100Support, Poduska'
Mike & Kris,'
We have isolated Kris''s problem.  The error message implies insufficient "working pages/free pages" from Diagnostics volume for the LIT internal buffer use for file transfer.   Patty has further assured that one needs at least 172 pages to run the LispInstallationTool else this message will be posted.  I shall change error msg to say " insufficient free/working pages for LispInstallationTool"'
Users should be reminded not to keep too many user-defined files and the old InstallLispTool.bcd file should also be deleted from your Diagnostics volume.'


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Edit-Date: 12-Jun-84 14':56':34

Attn: JFung.pasa

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System: Other Software

Subsystem: Installation Utility



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Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Serious

Priority: Absolutely

Status: Declined

Problem Type: Bug

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