Number: 1333

Date:  4-Jun-84 15':44':33

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Want FILESLOAD option': CURRENT = load file if more recent than core

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Date': 29 May 84 19':17 EDT'
Subject': new feature for FILESLOAD'
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Cc': Greenfeld@BBNG.ARPA'
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We would find very valuable an extension to FILESLOAD that would'
allow the keyword CURRENT in a specification list to mean "load'
the current version of the file if it is more recent than the one'
in core".  For example, (FILES (SYSLOAD CURRENT) FILEA FILEB'
FILEC) in a filecoms.  We are working in a development'
environment that requires frequent updating of files, both from'
entries on AFTERSYSOUTFORMS and through typed in expressions.  I'
have explored a number of mechanisms for updating, and I believe'
this proposed feature handles many of the things we do now.  The'
test would be to compare the date on the FILEDATES property of'
the file with the result of doing FILEDATE on the file itself'
(treating compiled files appropriately, e.g.  with the correct'
value of CFLG in FILEDATE); if the file''s date is more recent'
than the FILEDATES property date, the file would be reloaded.'
Granted this is slow, but the user would accept that'
responsibility when insisting on the current version.  There is a'
big difference between the use of FILES for configuring a system'
and using it to develop one, we are finding.'


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