Number: 1320

Date:  4-Jun-84 11':06':37

Submitter: le.pasa


Subject: RS232CHAT, LOGOUT, restart  --> Shouldn''t happen!Over 20 consecutive interrupts.

Lisp Version: Fugue6

Description: '
Received': from BBNG.ARPA by Xerox.ARPA ; 03 JUN 84 04':31':54 PDT'
Date': 3 Jun 84 07':29 EDT'
Subject': RS232 bug'
To': 1100Support.pasa'
Message-ID': <[BBNG.ARPA] 3-Jun-84 07':29':46.GREENFELD>'
I had hoped the following bug had gone away in Fugue.6 but '
apparently not.'
On a Dolphin, doing an RS232CHAT, exiting from that, then doing a LOGOUT() soon afterward.  Upon entering the next Lisp session, a'
break window occurs with message':'
   Shouldn''t happen!'
   Over 20 consecutive interrupts - can''t get out of \RS232.'
a backtrace follows.'
Basic frame at   40010'
  40000':       2  55230 MESS1 "'
Shouldn''t happen!"'
  40002':       4  42124 MESS2 '
"Over 20 consecutive interrupts - can''t get out of \RS232.PROCESSINTERRUPT"'
  40004':       0   4670 BRKTYPE ERRORX'
  40006':       0      0 [padding]'
  40010':  100400  40000 '
Frame xtn at   40012, frame name= HELP'
  40012':  140002  37775 [USE= 2, X,  alink]'
  40014':  154534  21042 [fn header]'
  40016':   40030     72 [next, pc]'
  40020':  177777      0 [nametable]'
  40022':   40010  37774 '
[blink, clink]'
  40024':       0   4670 [padding]'
  40026':       0      0 [padding]'
. . . '
Date':  5 Jun 84 13':49 PDT'
Subject': AR #1320'
To': Le.pasa'
cc': Wogulis.pasa, Raim.pasa,'
Norton''s problem is due to the fact that he is turning off the machine between the logout and log back in.  On the 6th of May, I added code in the RS232 file to correct for this condition (power-cycled off/on), and to re-initialize the Martin board when possible.   '
Since that is the only modification between the Apr 26 version (which appears to be what made it into the Fugue.6 release) and the current one on [Phylum]<Lisp>Library> dated the 7-May-84, I think you could safely and profitably distribute that with Carol.'
I''m a bit puzzled about the state of RS232CHAT on [RoseBowl]<Lisp>Library> -- the source is dated 28-Jan-84, and the .dcom is dated 27-Apr-84.  But the corresponding dates on [Phylum]<Lisp>Library> are both 8-May-84, with a backup .dcom at 28-Jan and a backup source at 5-Dec-83; in fact, the 8-May-84 source was edited directly of the  5-Dec-83 source.'
Don''t you keep a consistent "snapshot" of the various releases somewhere?  Or is the creationdate on RoseBowl''s directory that of the time at which the FTP from Phylum was done?  One has to remember that the Alto FTP program will retain the creation date of files it transfers, but Lisp''s COPYFILE always sets the new files creation date to be that of the time of copying.'
-- JonL --'


Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 16-Aug-84 12':01':50


Assigned To:

In/By: Harmony

Disposition: Was fixed in the 7-May-84 version of RS232 file.   Problem was that turning the machine off and on again while "logged out" reset the UART; the re-entry function was modified to alway re-do the initialization.

System: Communications

Subsystem: RS232



Microcode Version: 

Memory Size: 

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Fatal

Priority: Hopefully

Status: Closed

Problem Type: Bug

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