Number: 1316

Date:  1-Jun-84 15':58':39

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: New Tedit

Lisp Version: 

Description: '
Date': 25 May 84 14':07 PDT'
Subject': -----New TEdit Released-----'
To': LispFriends↑.pa, TEditFriends↑.pa'
cc':, TEditSupport'
There is a new TEdit available on {Phylum}<Lispcore>Library, and in the latest Full.Sysout on <Lispcore>Next>.'
The following problems are fixed':'
225	Want LISTFILES to deal in TEdit files'
841	TEdit won''t deal with non-local NS printer'
790	Some display lines are blanked'
944	ARG not SELECTION in AR.FORM, menu'
580	Selection underline runs THRU text'
93	TEDIT.NORMALIZECARET not moving far enough'
1017	Lingering Menu window/process after QUIT'
1033	Margins set to -85 by Bravo convert'
890	Menu uncloseable after main window closed'
1018	AR.FORM catatonic marked OBSOLETE'
843	Subscript in TEditMenu doesn''t work'
832	"Can''t Undo" error msg gets erased at once'
1147	Should be able to hardcopy files without TEdit'
1118	Can''t line select in AR editor'
925	(HARDRESET) kills TEdits'
502	TEDIT.INSERT scrolling even when DONTSCROLL=T'
719	Wrong doc for para looks values (CODE changed)'
Non-AR fixes':'
	--Paragraphs that started with IMAGEOBJs weren''t being formatted right--they didn''t get the usual first-line-of-para treatment.'
	--Selecting in protected areas is a little more clever now.'
	--The display code has been sped up somewhat.'
	--The TEditMenu "Expanded Menu" button should now bring up the menu considerably faster.'
	--GETting a file no longer leaves strings on \OPENFILES.'
	--A number of problems with GETting files that have IMAGEOBJs in them have been fixed.  These caused "End of FIle" errors  while trying to read character looks.'
	--GETFILEPTR has been fixed to interact with \PEEKBIN right.'
The TEdit Implementors'


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Edit-Date:  1-Jun-84 15':57':53


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System: Text

Subsystem: TEdit



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Status: Fixed

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