Number: 1284

Date:  1-Jun-84 11':02':34

Submitter: Le.pasa

Source: Raim.pasa

Subject:  Fixed Disk Diagnostic erases local file system volumes

Lisp Version: Carol

Description: '
DLion file system defines volume {DSK} in such a way that  it appears to be erased when EI Fixed Disk Diagnostic is run.  Currently, DLion customers are urged to run the Fixed Disk Diagnostic routinely when the DLion exhibits any suspicious behavior.  The implication is DLion faults cannot be diagnosed unless all of {dsk} is first backedup.  '
Date': 31 May 84 18':12 PDT'
Subject': EI - Fixed Disk Diagnostic trashes DLIONFS volumes'
To': Raim.pasa'
cc':, Stansbury, Purcell'
The EI - Fixed Disk Diagnostic floppy runs a physical volume scavenge as part of its sequence of tests.  This destroys any information on DLionFS disk volumes.  This should be documented in the Carol Release.'
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Date': 22 May 84 17':14 PDT'
Subject': dlionfs'
To': Sannella, Purcell'
Seems that the fixed disk diagnostic floppy provided to every customer wipes lisp logical volumes clean.  Should be some warning in the documentation to that effect.'
-- T.'
Date': 22 MAY 84 18':02 PDT'
Subject': Re': dlionfs'
To':   stansbury, Sannella, Purcell'
 In response to the message sent 22 MAY 1984 1715-PDT by'
Wow. Definitely warn users about diagnostics wiping volumes clean.  (Is this verified?).'
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Date': Thu, 31 May 84 19':11 PDT'
From': Raim.pasa'
Subject': Fixed Disk Diagnostic & DLionFS'
To': Stansbury.PA'
cc': Sheil.PA, Pahlavan, Sannella.PA'
The rules of the game are that BSG can, as a matter of course, run EI Fixed Disk Diagnostics in ALAG mode on a customer machine without compromising the state of the local disk.  '
Until I know more about this problem, I am declaring it a Carol showstopper.  Please message me as soon as you have a handle on the problem.'


Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 17-Aug-84 12':34':20


Assigned To: Stansbury

In/By: Carol


System: Operating System

Subsystem: DLion Floppy



Microcode Version: 

Memory Size: 

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Fatal

Priority: Absolutely

Status: Closed

Problem Type: Design - Impl

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