Number: 1267

Date: 30-May-84 15':42':57

Submitter: Halvorsen

Source: Halvorsen

Subject: Lispinstallationtool.bcd won''t fit 6800 page file on 12400 page volume.

Lisp Version: 23-May-84 17':13':13

Description: The tool complains that there is insufficient disk space on a machine with a 12439 page LISP volume when I try to put a 6800 page sysout (<lispnew>current>full.sysout) onto the volume.  Manually setting the vmemsize does not help.  (The vmemsize is increased but Install File still fails with the "insufficient disk space" message) .  Reverting to an earlier version of the tool (Installlisptool.bcd) lets me install the sysout '
Sannella --- talking with Kris later, it appears that even using the old version of the installation tool didn''t help --- he got the same error.


Test Case: 

Edit-By: Le.pasa

Edit-Date: 19-Jun-84 14':49':02


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Disposition: '
The "insufficient disk space" error refers to the working pages on Diagnostic volume.  In this particular case, the user has his own files in Diag. volume.  The 1108UG has been changed to include a new step':  "delete *", (delete all users files), prior to install LispInstallatioTool.bcd  We (Patty & I--Jerry--) have notified Kris already.

System: Other Software

Subsystem: Installation Utility

Machine: 1108

Disk: SA1000 (10MB)

Microcode Version: 5124

Memory Size: 8191

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Fatal

Priority: Absolutely

Status: Declined

Problem Type: Bug

Source Files: