Number: 1249

Date: 30-May-84 15':17':11

Submitter: vanMelle

Source: Burton

Subject: Want automatic GetMail on icon expansion

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Description: '
Date': 22 May 84 15':22 PDT'
Subject': Lafite': question or feature request'
To': vanmelle'
I operate in a mode of keeping my active.mail file shrunken, opening it only to read new mail.  The middle button accelerator on the icon has made me thirsty for more.  I would like the expansion of the icon to also do a getmail (and followed by, come to think of it, a display).  This can be done by putting an expandfn on the browse window if I had a way of locating the window.  (I guess I only want this on my active.mail browser.)  Is there a blessed way of finding the browse window for active.mail?  Is there any problem with using  \LAFITE.GETMAIL as the expandfn?'


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Edit-Date: 30-May-84 15':17':11

Attn: vanMelle

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System: Text

Subsystem: Lafite



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Difficulty: Easy



Priority: Unlikely

Status: Open

Problem Type: Design - UI

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