Number: 1238

Date: 30-May-84 15':06':01

Submitter: halvorsen

Source: halvorsen

Subject: Vestiges of information about local disk directory left after MKDIR

Lisp Version: 23-May-84 17':13':13

Description:  run lisp on Part1 and make files on the local disk DSK.  I log out and boot lispon Part2.  I do a MKDIR on Part2, log out and then I boot lisp on Part1 once more.  When I do a DIR {DSK} on Part1 there is mention of the files I created on this partition BEFORE I did the MKDIR on Part2.  Conclusion': Too much information about the local filesystem is being kept around after logout. 


Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 17-Aug-84 12':43':12


Assigned To: Stansbury

In/By: Carol


System: Operating System

Subsystem: DLion Disk

Machine: 1108

Disk: Q2040 (43MB)

Microcode Version: 5124

Memory Size: 8191

File Server: IFS

Server Software Version: 

Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Once

Impact: Serious

Priority: Hopefully

Status: Closed

Problem Type: Bug

Source Files: