Number: 1189

Date: 21-May-84 19':27':20

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Want package to do English translation': Making plurals and ordinals

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Date': 17 May 84 00':14 PST'
Subject': Making plurals and ordinals '
To': Kaplan,Kay'
cc': Sannella,Lispsupport,LispCore↑,'
I think there ought to be a function (need AR?) which takes a "word" -- probably a litatom or string -- and returns the English plural of it; e.g., "apple" -> "apples", "brush" -> brushes", "class" -> "classes", "cry" -> "cries", and so on for a myriad of exceptions.  '
Actually, I''m not concerned about all the possible exceptions -- like "index" -> "indices", "cherub" -> "cherubim", "sheep" -> "sheep", "child" -> "children" -- but just enough to make the filepkg slightly smarter.  It will take a possible filepkgcom -- say, RESOURCE -- and recognize it as RESOURCES.  "index" -> "indexes" would be quite all right, but "index" -> "indexs" of course wouldn''t.'
Either of you got any ideas?'
ALso, when typing out messages, I often want to say "doing the foo action for the n''th time" where N ranges over all integers.  So I''d like to correctly say "the 23''rd time" and "the 30''th time" and "the 101''st time".  I think the tiny little function ORDINALSUFFIXSTRING.ES in <LISP>LIBRARY>EVALSERVER accomplishes this, and suggest it for inclusion in the system.  Any comments on this one too?'
-- JonL --'
Date': 17 May 84 09':06 PDT'
Subject': Re': Making plurals and ordinals '
In-reply-to':''s message of 17 May 84 00':14 PST'
sounds like a good LispUsers package.... '
I see no need for it in the system, do you?'
Date': Thu, 17 May 84 18':59 PDT'
From': Kay.PA'
Subject': Re': Making plurals and ordinals'
In-reply-to': "JonL''s message of 17 May 84 00':14 PST"'
To': JonL'
cc': Kaplan, Kay, Sannella, Lispsupport, LispCore↑'
Reply-To': Kay.PA'
I have enough parts of this that I suppose I ought to do it.  Watch this space!'


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