Number: 1183

Date: 21-May-84 17':39':49

Submitter: Sannella.PA

Source: Ingalls.wbst

Subject: Document how to use ABC to edit system functions

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Date': Wed, 16 May 84 10':24 EDT'
From': Ingalls.wbst'
Subject': How do you DEdit GETMOUSESTATE??'
cc': Denber, Ingalls'
I want to interface to a touch unit and would like to edit GETMOUSESTATE.  The question is - How do you do it????  If I start off with (DEFINEQ(GETMOUSESTATE(LAMDA NIL] with the intention of DEditing it afterwards, I can''t.  My mouse is dead because GETMOUSESTATE has been redefined.  Also, what if I wanted to LOAD in a source code file with the intention of editing one of the functions contained in it.  I have experienced a problem there that I suppose is related to the above.  In loading a crucial piece of source code that is actually currently running sends me into raid with the stack full.  '
So, my question is':'
        How do you people edit the code that your actually using?'
        More specifically, how do I go about editing GETMOUSESTATE?'
Date': 16 May 84 15':19 PDT'
Subject': Re': How do you DEdit GETMOUSESTATE??'
In-reply-to': Ingalls.wbst''s message of 16 May 84 11':59':00 PDT (Wednesday)'
To': Ingalls.wbst'
There is a file named ABC on {phylum}<lispcore>sources> which makes your environment safe for editting system code.  You should be able to read it to see what it does and you may not need all of it.  Basically, it loads in EXPORTS.ALL which is all of the record declarations, macros, constants, etc. that the system need, loads in several utility files (SAMEDIR, WHEREIS, ...), sets DFNFLG to ''PROP which causes the editor to not put things back into the definition cell (this is your most immediate problem), sets CROSSCOMPILING so that record declarations don''t clobber you current system, etc.'


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