Number: 1156

Date: 20-May-84 12':08':50

Submitter: Sannella.PA

Source: Masinter.PA

Subject: Document "How To Be LispSupport"

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["Sannella.PA" "11-Sep-84 11':08':39" Description':]

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Date':  7 May 84 17':45':05 PDT (Monday)'
From': Masinter.PA'
Subject': Re': How to handle ARs'
In-reply-to': Sannella''s message of 2 May 84 12':24':33 PDT (Wednesday)'
Also, I would appreciate a document on How To Be LispSupport, which outlines what someone is supposed to do, e.g., when you go on vacation.'
Date':  7 Sep 84 16':33 PDT'
Subject': how to be LispSupport'
To': sybalsky'
cc': LispSupport'
While you have the ImplManual open, I''ve always wanted a section called "How to be LispSupport". '
handle LispSupport mail'
	browse {eris}<lispcore>internal>mail>LispSupport.mail'
	login LispAR.Auto, password LispAR'
	submit ARS for all bugs, answering with AR#'
	forward urgent problems to appropriate implementors'
	answer gracefully and kindly to all inquiries'
archive old files'
	deal with Archivist and old mail'
release files'
	whats on what directory, what got released, etc.'
filter ARs'
	query all ARs with Status=New, and check that they'
	make sense, etc.'
run periodic updates'
What else happens periodically?'


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