Number: 1099

Date: 12-May-84 13':49':03

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Want Brownie-like tool in Interlisp [COPYFILES]

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Date': 11 May 84 12':19 PDT'
Subject': [Gegenheimer.ES': Brownie2 - an enhanced Brownie]'
To': 1100Support, LispSupport, Sybalsky'
Brownie is a VERY useful tool for copying files from one directory to another; it works for both IFS and NS servers and runs in the Tajo/Mesa enviornment. Anyone who ever has had to copy files from one place to another should be familiar with this tool.'
(Lisp COPYFILES is a start to a lisp-based utility for doing the same thing, but it doesn''t have as much work in the restart logic as Brownie and thus doesn''t deal as well with flakey phone lines, etc.)'
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Date': 10 May 84 16':47':58 PDT (Thursday)'
From': Gegenheimer.ES'
Subject': Brownie2 - an enhanced Brownie'
To': MesaHacks↑.pa'
cc': Gegenheimer'
Reply-To': Gegenheimer.ES'
This message announces Brownie2, an enhanced version of Brownie, for your perusal and enjoyment.  Some of the features of the demised FudgeBrownie are incorporated in Brownie2, plus a read-after-write feature to insure correct copying.  The following documentation is stored as [igor]<Hacks>11.0>Doc>Brownie2.doc.'
Bill Gegenheimer -  10-May-84 15':50':59'
Brownie2 is an enhanced version of Brownie (see MUG for description of Brownie) which registers the same command (Brownie) with the executive, and incorporates the following new features':'
- After a copy is done, a compare may be performed between the source and target files to be sure the file was copied correctly.'
- An autologin feature has been added so that login and connect information may be taken from the user profile rather than typed into the Exec.'
- It is now possible to prompt for source directory connect information in a rename.'
The following switches are valid in Brownie2':'
Global switches -'
	/l - perform autologin - default is FALSE.'
	/v - verify pass -perform remote compare after all copy operations and report errors - default TRUE.'
	/t - for test purposes only - compares remote files listed in script file copy command without actually performing the copy - sets v to TRUE - default FALSE.'
Examples -'
	Brownie foo	  --prompt for login and connect, verify after copy.'
	Brownie foo/l-v	  --perform autologin, do not verify after copy.'
	Brownie foo/t	  --prompt for login and connect, do not copy, but'
	                    perform remote compare (for test purposes).'
Copy switches -'
	-as in Brownie.'
	Note - to copy all versions of a file, place a "!*" after the file name, e.g. '
	Copy/s [rain]<fooDir> ← [igor]<Hacks>11.0>doc>*Out.doc!*'
	This will copy all versions of files on the directory matching the wildcard name to the [rain] directory <fooDir>.'
Rename switches -'


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