Number: 963

Date:  4-May-84  9':35':55

Submitter: Sannella.PA

Source: DMRussell.PA

Subject: Want way to print really large bitmaps (multi-page) and "Display structures"

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Date': 4 May 1984 9':06 am PDT (Friday)'
From': DMRussell.PA'
Subject': Adirondack / Printing grapher windows'
In-reply-to': Shrager''s message of 4 May 84 03':48 PDT'
To': Shrager'
cc': Ahenderson, Jordan, ari↑, LispSupport'
Reply-To': DMRussell'
Jeff''s problem with printing grapher windows is rather more serious than he lets on.  '
In general, the model of HARDCOPYW is that "you''ve got to be able to show it'
on the screen before you can print it."  '
This is, of course, all wrong.'
It would be really nice to be able to print structures that are larger than the screen.  Jeff''s example of huge graph structures is a good one.  Interlisp allows you to scroll, but you don''t have that option w/ hardcopy.  (I also have this same problem with Intercalc spread sheets.  I imagine VLSI people would want the same thing.)'
So how about it, LispSupport?  Can we get someone to write a "display structure to press/interpress" converter so such things can be printed?  (I understand the problems with converting bitmaps...  But graphs aren''t bitmaps internally...)  Can we have scaling on the resulting image?  How about breaking up such big images into multi-page format?  (e.g. the NetWorld topology map)  How about matching scale to physical printer size (I''m thinking of the huge Versatec printers)?  '
-- Jes'' a suggestion -- '
-- DMR -- '
Date':  4 May 84 12':50 PDT'
Subject': Re': AR 963': Want way to print really large bitmaps (multi-page) and "Display structures"'
In-reply-to':''s message of 4 May 84 09':36':43 PDT (Friday)'
cc': DMRussell, Shrager, burton, kaplan, jordan, ari↑'
I agree that this is an interesting worthwhile project, and should be done as a general ''lisp'' facility.'
I would propose that this fall naturally out of ''DIG'' in the following way': '
a) window menu gets a Hardcopy option, which means to Hardcopy this window. HARDCOPYW is fixed as follows': '
if the window has a HARDCOPYFN field, then let the HARDCOPYFN do the printing'
otherwise, if the window has no HARDCOPYFN, then if it has a REDISPLAYFN, call the redisplayfn with the window as one argument, and a DIG output stream which is where it is supposed to redisplay'
otherwise, hardcopy the window''s bitmap as is done currently'
Date':  5 May 84 14':30 PDT'
Subject': Re': Adirondack / Printing grapher windows'
In-reply-to': DMRussell.PA''s message of 4 May 1984 9':06 am PDT (Friday)'
To': DMRussell.PA'
cc': Shrager, Ahenderson, Jordan, ari↑, LispSupport'
I believe that David Snyder <DSnyder.Henr> has something like that working in Rochester in conjunction with his documentation of Trillium.'
Austin '


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System: Windows and Graphics

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