Number: 810

Date: 23-Apr-84 16':01':23

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: (HOSTNAMEP ''{DSK1}) shouldn''t Log in to DSK1

Lisp Version: 

Description: '
Date': 21 Apr 84 23':56 PST'
Subject': Lisp': (HOSTNAMEP ''{DSK1}) insists on Logging in to DSK1'
Lisp System Date': 11-Apr-84 00':53':49'
Machine': Dolphin (BuickoSaurus)'
Microcode version': 24,1'
Memory size': 7000'
Frequency': Always '
Impact':  Fatal'
\M44HOSTNAMEP calls \M44CHECKPASSWORD which hangs in a PROMPTFORWORD loop at the TTY.  Why must it login?  It has already verified the existence of DSK1 (at least it read the username field from it).'
[bvm': It''s because the code does not distinguish the predicate HOSTNAMEP from the desire to create the device.  It''s not clear that it''s important to do so, either.  What good does it do you to know that DSK1 exists if you can''t use it?'
Workaround, of course, is to ↑E out of the prompt, just like with most other password prompts.'
Date': 23 Apr 84 18':43 PST'
Subject': Re': AR 810': (HOSTNAMEP ''{DSK1}) shouldn''t Log in to DSK1'
In-reply-to':''s message of 23 Apr 84 17':18 PST'
I discovered this bug from a functional interface to HOSTNAMEP, and the fact the it didn''t return (i.e., got hung up in the PROMPTFORWORD) was only noticed hours later.  Typing ↑E would only work for interactive sessions.'
The situation stems from wanting to determine the state of a Dorado --   existence of DSK1, DSK2, ... or DSK5 means you don''t have a CEDAR Dorado.  It''s reasonable to ask if DSK19 exists, and if DSK1 exists, even though one wouldn''t be using them, since that indicates whether or not the Dorado has a large disk, and whether or not Cedar is present.'

Workaround: ↑E out of the prompt

Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 24-Apr-84 15':28':00

Attn: vanMelle

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System: Operating System

Subsystem: Dolphin/Dorado Disk



Microcode Version: 

Memory Size: 

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Annoying

Priority: Unlikely

Status: Open

Problem Type: Performance

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