Number: 805

Date: 23-Apr-84 15':45':59

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Want PUPFTP to include Device fields in names for Tops20 hosts

Assigned To: 


Status: Open


Problem Type: Bug

Impact: Moderate

Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Priority: Hopefully

System: Communications

Subsystem: PUP Protocols



Lisp Version: 

Source Files: 

Microcode Version: 

Memory Size: 

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Disposition: [bvm': see also #690 for related complaint from Shulman]

Description: '
Date': Fri, 20 Apr 84 15':57':22 PST'
From': Christopher Schmidt <SCHMIDT@SUMEX-AIM.ARPA>'
To': vanMelle.PA'
	TOPS-20 allows one to COPY a file to a spooling device (eg LAS': for'
a laser printer at Sierra).  This even works with PUP FTP.  It one STOREs'
a file to CDP0': at SUMEX, for example, it gets spooled for printing'
on our IMprint-10.  '
	Unfortunately, in Interlisp-D, UNPACKFILENAME parses the'
device and host just fine for {SUMEX}CDP0': , but then'
\FTP.UNPACKFILENAME ignores the device and supplies the bogus name of'
NIL.  Could you fix \FTP.UNPACKFILENAME to pass the device through?'
The bogus name of NIL doesn''t hurt, incidentally.  Thanks,'
Date': 12 Apr 84 09':30':53 EST'
From': Jeffrey Shulman <SHULMAN@RUTGERS.ARPA>'
Subject': DEVICE filed in file names'
	I reported this bug a while ago but it is still present in'
	Interlisp (both 10 and D) does not handle device names in'
file/directory commands.  It completely ignores them.  We at Rutgers'
need this fixed.  If you will point me at the sources I will be '
happy to do it (you can put it on [MAXC]<BLISP> and tell me the new'
password to 1100USERS.)'
. . . '
Date': 12 Apr 84 13':47':57 PST (Thursday)'
Subject': Re': DEVICE filed in file names'
In-reply-to': SHULMAN''s message of 12 Apr 84 09':30':53 EST'
To': Jeffrey Shulman <SHULMAN@RUTGERS.ARPA>'
cc': lispsupport'
from': LispSupport'
Could you give us more details about what is going wrong? Your offer to fix things is appreciated, but what we REALLY need are just more details in your bug reports right now.'
For example, "Interlisp (both 10 and D) does not handle device names in'
file/directory commands.  It completely ignores them."'
Could you give some examples of what you expect to work and how it doesn''t work? What you called, and the values returned, etc? Your description didn''t give much to go on.'
Date': 28 Apr 84 16':53 PST'
Subject': Re':  AR#690': DEVICE field in DIR'
To': Shulman@Rutgers'
cc':, LispSupport, Masinter'
I''m working on getting DIR to include the DEVICE field for hosts of type TOPS20.'


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Edit-Date:  9-May-84 18':07':07