Number: 716

Date: 16-Apr-84 13':15':17

Submitter: le.pasa

Source: CS.CHEE@UTEXAS-20.ARPA(Kiewiet)

Subject: Arrays full  (EXPANDBITMAP) (superseded by AR 692)

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Description: '
Its been 2 weeks since I last heard from your "support" group.'
In that time period I''ve been able to get around the problem '
in question. What is considered by your group to be a reasonable'
time period to wait for a reply, given that the question is'
straight-forward and relates to the operation of a system function?'
Anyway here''s another question.'
I''m currently writing an animation package and most of the functions'
manipulates bitmaps.  Lately since I''ve implemented a "zoom in" feature'
(which uses EXPANDBITMAP) I''ve been hit by the "Arrays full" error'
very frequently, I''ve experienced this problems before but did not'
consider it serious enough, given that replies to queries takes such a'
long time.  Consequently I''m not able to create bitmaps (BITMAPCREATE or'
CREATEW) and essentially have to reboot the system.  I think the problem'
is that the system is not reclaiming the space used by the bitmap or'
window.  Even if this is not the problem how can I force the system to'
reclaim that space - RECLAIM does''nt work even when I specify ARRAYs as '
an argument.  Also I would like to be able to access the arrays that'
contain the bitmap, I need lower level control for some of the'
things I need to do (BITMAPBIT is not sufficient).'
I hope a reply for this query is more forthcoming as the problem is'
down at the system level of which I know little about to get around.'
                                                          - Chee -

Workaround: [4/19/84 tl':  Should read [rose]<lisp>library> to instruct customers on when "Array space full" problems arise.]

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Edit-Date: 19-Apr-84 21':10':41


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In/By: AR 692


System: Operating System

Subsystem: Virtual Memory

Machine: 1108


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Status: Superseded

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