Number: 669

Date: 11-Apr-84 18':44':41

Submitter: masinter.PA

Source: masinter.PA

Subject: Want COPY.N, STORE.N opcodes

Lisp Version: 8-Apr

Description: This AR is in two parts. One part is to write microcode for'
COPY.N and STORE.N two-byte opcodes for doing stack relative addressing.'
I suggest that in addition to COPY (= COPYN 0) we have COPY1, COPY2, and'
then a (hard, slower COPY.N two byte). This design is partly because '
there is a much bigger difference on the Dolphin, but pprobably it will '
also make a difference on DLion. '
Now, what to do with this? Well, there is already built into the '
compiler a large suite of optimizations based around stack relative '
addressing, including duplicate sub-expression elimination, and getting '
rid of extra frames where all args are local, etc. I''d like to turn it back on for Interlisp-D, because I think it will matter quite a bit for some of the benchmarks that I''ve done PRINTCODEs of.'
[the next AR after I submit this one is to do that integration and testing]


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Edit-Date:  3-May-84 12':41':35

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Subsystem: Microcode



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