Number: 600

Date: 10-Apr-84 11':50':38

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: 4/9/84 internal release

Lisp Version: 

Description: '
Date':  9 Apr 84 09':24 PST'
Subject': New Release of Interlisp-D'
To': LispUsers↑.pa'
A new set of sysouts (Lisp.sysout, Full.sysout, Small.sysout) has been created, tested, and placed on {phylum}<Lisp>Current>.  A corresponding Demo.sysout will be placed there shortly.  The significant differences between these sysouts and the previous release to {phylum}<Lisp>Current> are the following':'
++ Change for Interpress users':  Some Interpress fonts, such as "Terminal", have some characters at non-standard character numbers.  As a result, certain characters (hyphen, dollar, uparrow, leftarrow) would not print in these fonts.  The Interpress software has been changed to map these characters appropriately when using Interpress fonts.'
++ New 1108 Floppy disk code':  The floppy disk code has been substantially improved.  A bug that caused sysouts to floppy to contain bad pages has been fixed.  The current documentation is in {phylum}<lisp>current>floppy.tty.'
++ New 1108 microcode has been included in the sysouts, fixing an obscure bug that caused MP code 9915''s.'
++ A bug that caused DOSTATS to break with a hash overflow error has been fixed.'
++ The precision of transcendental functions has been improved.'
Sender': Sannella.PA'
Date':  9 Apr 84 14':39':56 PST (Monday)'
Subject': New Release of Interlisp-D  -- bug!'
To': LispUsers↑.pa'
I regret to report that the new release that was announced this morning has a serious bug --- the interpreted versions of FTIMES and FPLUS were not included.  Note that this does not affect the compilation of FTIMES --- indeed, this is why it was so hard to catch this bug.'
At this moment, a new set of sysouts is being created, which will be put on {phylum}<lisp>current> as soon as possible.'
If you have already retrieved the new sysout from this morning, the problem can be fixed by loading the patch file {phylum}<lisp>current>FPPATCH.DCOM.'


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Edit-By: masinter.PA

Edit-Date: 11-Apr-84 16':59':35

Attn: Release

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System: Other Software




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Impact: Moderate


Status: Fixed

Problem Type: Documentation

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