Number: 584

Date: 10-Apr-84 10':50':01

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Want DEL command for deleting files

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Description: '
Date':  7 APR 84 21':30 PST'
Subject': want DEL command'
To':   lispsupport'
make sure there is an AR ; want DEL command which does what you expect (and is documented in the EXECFNS package.)'
Also, make note to fix up documentation on DIR, DEL, etc. to correspond with reality.'
Attn': Jellinek (as with FileBrowser, these are really two parts of the same thing.)'
Date': 13 Apr 84 01':20 PST'
Subject': No DEL command?'
To': LispSupport'
I believe there is already an AR for a DEL command -- the following notes may be appropriate commentary for it':'
Date':  8 MAR 84 18':36 PST'
From': JONL.PA'
Subject': DIR FOO;6 DELETE'
To':   LispSupport'
25-Feb-84 Sysout'
This also deleted FOO.DCOM;6 (which unfortunately wasn''t coordinated with'
FOO;6).  If I''d wanted that behaviour, I''d have said'
Date':  8 MAR 84 19':16 PST'
From': JONL.PA'
Subject': Re': DIR FOO;6 DELETE'
To':   JONL, LispSupport'
In response to the message sent   8 MAR 84 18':36 PST from JONL.PA'
Ahhh, I see now a "consistent" reading of the documentation on the DIR'
p.a. command which explains this behaviour':  "... * and * as the default'
extension and default version respectively".'
Even though this is modeled after the TENEX DIR command, I''d much prefer '
that NO default extension be supplied.   I.e., I like the model of the "List" '
command on IFS''s better.'
Since the question came up in the context of a DELETE, it might'
be worth asking if some re-constituted DEL command could be devised; in'
particular, it would supply no "defaults" for extensions, versions etc.'


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Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 13-Apr-84 15':09':07

Attn: jellinek

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Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Minor

Priority: Perhaps

Status: Wish

Problem Type: Design - UI

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