Number: 567

Date: 10-Apr-84  9':32':28

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: New demo file': LINEDEMO.DCOM;  FPOLY.DCOM flushed

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Description: '
Date':  6 Apr 84 10':57 PST'
Subject': <lispusers>FPOLY won''t compile'
It won''t compile, breaking with error \OP.DRAWLINE T in DASSEM.DWRITE in DASEM.DASSEM in... while compiling the function MU.DRAWLINE.  Berhaps there was some garbage in this sysout.  In any case, could you try compiling it, and sent me a messge telling me if you do?'
Date':  6 Apr 84 15':23 PST'
Subject': demo file'
To': LispSupport'
cc': Burton, Stansbury, Withgott'
I took the version of POLYGONS and LINES that were in FPOLY, fixed them up to remove the kludge for interfacing to the "old" microcoded drawline, and put them on a new file, LINEDEMO.DCOM.'
I was reluctant to change POLYGONS; I''m not sure exactly what happened but, the demo POLYGONS got changed to look pretty different from the old version on POLYGONS.DCOM, there are some things in the old version that aren''t in the new, but that the old version doesn''t seem to work (the menu stuff doesn''t, at least.)'
Rather than sort out the differences between POLYGONS and FPOLY, I just made a new file LINEDEMO which had my ''best shot'' at what would fly with DEMO.SYSOUT.'
I think we can now throw out FPOLY, but may want to retain POLYGONS for further investigation (but not distribute it.)'
 Meg': the "LINES" demo is now on LINEDEMO.DCOM. Just load it and call (LINES).'


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Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date:  4-May-84 10':16':06

Attn: Release

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System: Windows and Graphics

Subsystem: Library



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Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Minor

Priority: Perhaps

Status: Fixed

Problem Type: Documentation

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