Number: 564

Date:  9-Apr-84 16':09':59

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: MIN/MAX.SMALLP/FIXP not bound in Interlisp-10

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Status: Declined


Problem Type: Bug

Impact: Moderate


Frequency: Everytime

Priority: Perhaps

System: Language Support

Subsystem: Arithmetic



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Description: '
Date':  8 APR 84 11':33 PST'
Subject': MIN/MAX.SMALLP/FIXP not bound in Interlisp-10'
To':   LispSupport'
(As an Interlisp-10 user, I don''t know how to get to the AR system,'
so I am continuing to send bug reports to LispSupport.  If there is'
a way for me to use the AR system from a dumb terminal, let me know.)'
Contrary to p. 2.38 of the Interlisp manual, the variables'
MIN.SMALLP, MAX.SMALLP, MIN.FIXP, and MAX.FIXP are not bound in'
Interlisp-10.  MIN.INTEGER and MAX.INTEGER are bound to reasonable values.'
Date':  8-Apr-84 18':04':22 PST'
Subject': Re': MIN/MAX.SMALLP/FIXP not bound in Interlisp-10'
In-reply-to': DEUTSCH.PA''s message of 8 APR 84 11':33 PST'
cc': LispSupport.PA, Masinter.PA, JonL.PA'
First, it is always appropriate to just send messages to LispSupport. '
Apparently the Interlisp-10 versions of these constants got dropped somewhere along the line. I seem to recall that they had been set up at one time. Will look into it further. '
Date':  9 APR 84 20':01 PST'
From': JONL.PA'
Subject': Re': MIN/MAX.SMALLP/FIXP not bound in Interlisp-10'
To':   DEUTSCH, LispSupport'
cc':   JONL'
In response to the message sent   8 APR 84 11':33 PST from DEUTSCH.PA'
I added the global variables MIN/MAX.SMALLP and MIN/MAX.FIXP along with'
documentation which called them respectively the min and max over the'
range of the SMALLP and FIXP predicates [this documentation appeared in'
the June 30 and Aug 18 Fugue release messages].'
Unfortunately, this isn''t what''s in the manual, and this has led to someone''s'
confusion in thinking about what a "large integer" is and what bignums'
might be.  As it stands now, FIXP as a predicate is a union of types, and'
should Interlisp elect to take the MacLisp route, then FIXP would also be'
true of bignums.  In any case, MiIN/MAX.INTEGER is superfluous, and although'
I suggested de-documenting it, it is lurking around to further confuse'
the bignum-extension issue.'
I don''t know what file would be appropriate for setting these values'
in Interlisp-10, but it''s certainly likely that no one here is likely to'
massage I-10 for efficient, integrated bignums.'


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Edit-Date: 30-Jun-84 01':04':05