Number: 544

Date:  6-Apr-84 12':17':58

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: New caret behavior

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Description: '
Date':  5 Apr 84 19':00 PST'
Subject': Lisp': caret behavior change'
cc': LispFriends↑'
I fixed the caret to be per process.  This should fix the problem of carets being left on the screen and of windows being created to take the caret out of.  I changed it so that the caret is always visible.  If it is hidden by another window, its window is brought to the top.  I added the function CARETRATE which changes the caret rate of the current process and documented the variable DEFAULTCARETRATE and DEFAULTCARET which change the behavior of the initial caret of the process.  Included below are the changed sections of the manual.'
This change touched a lot of files so please report any strange behavior.'
{FnDef {Name CARET} {Args NEWCARET}'
Sets the shape that blinks at the location of the next output to the {lisp TTYDISPLAYSTREAM}.  {arg NEWCARET} is either (1) {lisp NIL} - no changes, returns a {lisp CURSOR}{note ptr to CURSORs?} representing the current caret, (2) {lisp OFF} - turns the caret off, (3) a {lisp CURSOR} which gives the new caret shape or (4) {lisp T} - reset the caret to the default which is the value of {VAR DEFAULTCARET}. {index globalvar DEFAULTCARET}  {VAR DEFAULTCARET} can be set to change the initial caret for new processes.  The hotspot of {arg NEWCARET} indicates which point in the new caret bitmap should be located at the current output position.  The previous caret is returned.'
Note': the bitmap for the caret is not limited to the dimensions {var CURSORWIDTH} by {var CURSORHEIGHT}.'
Sets the rate at which the caret for the current process will flash.  The caret will be visible for {ARG NMILLISECONDS} milliseconds, then not visible for {ARG NMILLISECONDS}  milliseconds.   If {ARG NMILLISECONDS} is {lisp T}, the rate is set to {VAR DEFAULTCARETRATE}.  {INDEX Globalvar DEFAULTCARETRATE} The previous value of {FN CARETRATE} is returned.  If the caret is off, {fn CARETRATE} return NIL.'


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Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 16-Aug-84 13':05':01


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In/By: Harmony


System: Windows and Graphics

Subsystem: Window System



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Frequency: Everytime

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