Number: 543

Date:  6-Apr-84 12':06':04

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Document how to "reset" record declarations by clearing RECORDTRANHASH

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I changed this, actually': there is a new hash array RECORDTRANHASH which contains the cache of record->translation, and that''s what you have to clear, not CLISPARRAY.'
Date':  5 Apr 84 16':21 PST'
Subject': Record Package'
To': Masinter, Lispsupport'
If you define a new clisprecordtype (say MESAARRAY), define a bunch of MESAARRAYs, and then redefine the function which translates MESAARRAYs into some previously known clisprecordtype, then there should be some convenient way of having all existing MESAARRAYs retranslated and redeclared.  '
I had the worst time trying to convince my MESAARRAYs to redeclare themselves, since the text of the declarations had not changed': I finally had to redeclare each MESAARRAY with an off-the-wall definition, and then redeclare it again with its intended definition.  '
It would be nice if there were some documented way of causing a record to redeclare itself even if it didn''t think it needed to be.'
-- Tayloe.'
Date':  5 APR 84 23':44 PST'
Subject': re Record package & redefining user record types'
To':   stansbury'
cc':   LispSupport'
The manual doesn''t say how to do this.'
The ''cache'' of records to their translations is stored in CLISPARRAY, so a (CLRHASH CLISPARRAY) should do it for you.'


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