Number: 478

Date:  3-Apr-84 11':37':18

Submitter: Sannella.PA

Source: Denber.wbst

Subject: Should use DEL instead of ESC to abort changing mark

Assigned To: 


Status: Open


Problem Type: Design - UI

Impact: Minor

Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Priority: Unlikely

System: Text

Subsystem: Lafite



Lisp Version: 

Source Files: 

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Memory Size: 

File Server: 

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Description: '
Date':  3 Apr 84 10':42 EST'
From': Denber.wbst'
Subject': Re': new Lafite'
In-reply-to':''s message of 2 Apr 84 17':16 PST'
To': LafiteSupport.PA'
That reminds me - a minor point, but when you accidentally select the mark region, it says "hit ESC to abort".  Just about everything else (Laurel, Bravo, Chat ...) uses esc to *confirm*, and DEL to abort.  What say?  Can I run this new Lafite in an original Carol.1 sysout?'
		- Michel'
Date':  3 Apr 84 11':25 PST'
Subject': Re': new Lafite'
In-reply-to': Denber.wbst''s message of 3 Apr 84 10':42 EST'
To': Denber.wbst'
cc': LafiteSupport.PA'
True, but DEL is standardly an interrupt character, and messing with interrupt chars is a pain.  Actually, any control character aborts it; I could have said "Hit BS to abort".'
I believe this version runs in <Lisp>Current>Lisp.sysout as well.'


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Edit-Date: 25-May-84 12':48':21