Number: 473

Date:  3-Apr-84 10':26':01

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: new Lafite

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Date':  2 Apr 84 17':16 PST'
Subject': new Lafite'
To': LispFriends↑'
cc': LispSupport'
Reply-to': LafiteSupport.PA'
on [Phylum]<LispCore>Library> and in the next full.sysout.'
Fixes ARs 80, 111, 280, 414, and assorted other glitches.'
By popular demand, Lafite no longer changes the shape of the cursor while you''re inside the browser.  Those who have tried this modification find it much easier to select messages and not get confused by the message mark region.  As before, you can select a message by clicking anywhere in its summary line (except in the small mark region, where clicking enters the change mark mode).  Should there turn out to be popular demand for the old behavior, I may be forced to control it with a flag, but see how you like this way first.'
For those of you who don''t like to wait for Hardcopy to finish, or don''t like losing every third of your 1-message-at-a-time listings because someone walked off with your hardcopy attached to the back of a big listing, or just are offended at the waste of paper involved, there is a new flag': LAFITEHARDCOPYBATCHFLG.  When this flag is true, Lafite "batches" your hardcopy requests, and doesn''t actually print them until you do an Update, at which point it sends them all to the printer in one batch.  When you have hardcopy pending, the Hardcopy button is speckled to remind you of this fact.  The Update button has an additional choice "Do Hardcopy Only" in case you want to get your batched hardcopy printed without doing an actual Update.  The behavior of LAFITENEWPAGEFLG when batching hardcopy is that it applies only to the messages selected at each Hardcopy invocation; each new set of messages starts on a new page, independent of the setting of LAFITENEWPAGEFLG.'
The Lisp/Lafite/Tedit report forms now have some additional information in them to aid the AR database.'
Message senders no longer vanish on a HardReset.  They don''t come back to life (this awaiting a future release), but they do stay open and change their title to "dead message editor".'


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Edit-Date:  1-May-84 12':49':47

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Subsystem: Lafite



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Impact: Moderate

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