Number: 460

Date:  2-Apr-84 15':57':57

Submitter: le.pasa


Subject: How do I print to the top level tty window from some random process

Lisp Version: Fugue.4

Description: '
a related problem is that i sometimes what to print to the'
  top level  type script  window  (tltsw) from  inside of  some  random'
  process.  how do i do this?  is there some global var for it? (7)'
Date':  2 Apr 84 19':49 PST'
Subject': AR 460 -- user wants handle on "Top level typescript window"'
cc':, Le.pasa,'
It may be that the luser hasn''t fully grasped the notion of a tty window for each process, but it shouldn''t be a "sin" for several proceses to be dropping printout into the same window -- rather the coordination of such should be the programmer responsibility (with monitor locks, or strategy, or "nothing" if that''s ok).  I know the LOOPS people do something like this -- they have a notion of a global exec window which several processes may be printing into.'
PROCESS.TTY is more related to the combination of window/keyboard that makes up a "terminal" -- I think the user is just asking how to get a pointer the the apparently-hidden global resource titled "Top level typescript window" -- but it certainly can''t hurt to probe his motives (e.g., does he REALLY want that window, or would a yatw suffice?)'
Apart from documenting \TopLevelTtyWidow, is there any way for a user to find a handle on this window?   He could be told, for example, to just (SETQ MYTTYWINDOW (WHICHW)) with the cursor set appropriately.'
Date':  3 Apr 84 11':09 PST'
Subject': Re': AR 460 -- user wants handle on "Top level typescript window"'
In-reply-to':''s message of 2 Apr 84 19':49 PST'
cc':,, Le.pasa'
I didn''t say it was a sin, just not obviously what one wants.  Still too much single-process mentality.'
I am absolutely opposed to documenting \TopLevelTtyWindow, a variable that probably ought to go away, at least eventually.'


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Disposition: [bv answered': 4/2/84 If you really want to do this (and note that you usually don''t; a random process usually has no control over what is happening in the top level tty, and no way of coordinating with it--do you really want to print there even if you''re in the middle of a compilation?), there is a function PROCESS.TTY that takes a process as arg and gives back its ttydisplaystream.  Thus, (PROCESS.TTY ''EXEC) might be what you want.]

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