Number: 394

Date: 30-Mar-84 14':35':11

Submitter: JFung.pasa


Subject: Embedded space in Domain in doesn''t show up in InstallLispTool Form

Lisp Version: Fugue 4

Description: '
An embeded space in token cause problem. I.e. "XSIS North" when parsed only show "XSIS". same on ProfileTool.'
Date': 28 Feb 84 17':51 PST'
In-reply-to': JFung.PASA''s message of 28 Feb 84 16':16':22 PST (Tuesday)'
To': JFung.PASA'
I used 100 pages only for the DSK partition.  This is just in order that there be a {DSK} device for programs which assume its existence, like LAFITE, to function appropriately'
And btw.  when I set the DOMAIN in my to be '
Xsis North'
(which is our domain) only Xsis shows up in the Installlisptool field for Domain.  The second word also falls out if you use the Porfiletool.'
Date':  5 Apr 84 11':13':44 PST (Thursday)'
From': JFung.pasa'
Subject': AR 394': "Problem with Domain token" ← Fixed '
To': LispCore↑.pa'
cc':,, JFung'
Reply-To': JFung.pasa'
The problem of token can''t have embeded space in is "fixed".  I.E. the tool now correctly shows domain "XSIS North" instead of just "XSIS".  '
It is fixed at both ProfileTool and InstallTool. '
(Note': using ProfileTool will destroy your current file not recommended for internal users)'
Filed at [Phylum]<lispCore>Next>InstallLispTool.bcd'
	Thanks for your patience!'

Workaround: '
1. Do not include domain line on your'
2. If using ProfileTool leave Domain field blank, then when doing Install File! command, enter domain value from window.'

Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 24-Apr-84 12':21':30

Attn: Release

Assigned To: JFung.pasa


Disposition: '
[tl':  4/5/84Fixed in both Profile-Tool and InstallLispTool; filed at [Phylum]<lispCore>Next (remark from Jerry)]

System: Other Software

Subsystem: Installation Utility

Machine: 1108


Microcode Version: 

Memory Size: 

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 

Difficulty: Moderate

Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Serious

Priority: Absolutely

Status: Fixed

Problem Type: Bug

Source Files: