Number: 383

Date: 29-Mar-84 13':56':54


Source: sybalsky

Subject: SINGLEFILEINDEX refusing to listfiles, claims filemap problems

Lisp Version: 

Description: Date': 27 Mar 84 12':42 PST'
Subject': Lisp': SINGLEFILEINDEX declines to list LAFITE sources'
Lisp-System-Date': 15-Mar-84 00':13':18'
Machine-Type': Dandelion'
I''ve had repeated run-ins with SINGLEFILEINDEX refusing to listfiles various copies of the lafite sources.  It claims that there''s something wrong with the filemap.  I tried this on three different versions of the lafite sources, with the same result--it runs for a lo-o-o-ong time before punting.'
Date': 29 MAR 84 13':22 PST'
From': JONL.PA'
Subject': Re': Lisp': SINGLEFILEINDEX declines to list LAFITE sources'
To':   Sybalsky, LispSupport'
cc':   JONL'
In response to the message sent  27 Mar 84 12':42 PST from'
John, I had no trouble at all listing <LispCore>Library>LAFITE;10 -- could'
you describe the version of SINGLEFILEINDEX you are using?  remember that'
we LispCore folks should be loading preferentially from <LispCore>Library>'
(rather than <Lisp>Library>).'
Another possibility is some lossage in GETFILEMAP (from the FILEPKG file) --'
but I fixed the bug in it on March 11 of this year, and you sent your note'
from a sysout dated March 15.'
Incidentally, I''ll leave the hardcopy of LAFITE on your desk.'


Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date:  3-Apr-84 11':01':03


Assigned To: jonl


Disposition: '
[Date':  2 Apr 84 21':00 PST'
AR 383 --  This AR should either be declined or closed -- neither'
    I nor John seem to be able to reproduce it.]

System: Programming Environment

Subsystem: File Package

Machine: 1108


Microcode Version: 

Memory Size: 

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 


Frequency: Everytime

Impact: Annoying

Priority: Unlikely

Status: Declined

Problem Type: Bug

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