Number: 376

Date: 29-Mar-84 13':21':24

Submitter: Masinter

Source: Masinter

Subject: release ADOBE.FIELDS to LispUsers↑

Assigned To: 

Attn: sannella

Status: Open


Problem Type: Documentation

Impact: Annoying

Difficulty: Easy


Priority: Hopefully

System: Text

Subsystem: Other



Lisp Version: 

Source Files: 

Microcode Version: 

Memory Size: 

File Server: 

Server Software Version: 


Description: LispUsers↑.pa should get a message explaining what additional information in a LispReport bug report would help us; things like the system/subsystem categorization, machine, disk, etc. This might be coordinated with the new LispReport form inside Lafite (AR#???).'
This is partly to make good on my promise':'
Date': 28 Mar 84 19':33 PST'
Subject': Interlisp-D "Action Request" database'
To': LispUsers↑'
reply-to': LispSupport, 1100Support.Pasa'
....Some version of this form will replace the LispReport option inside Lafite as the standard way of reporting bugs from inside Interlisp. Most of the information is what you would normally include in a bug report anyway, but it is just categorized.  We''re preparing a document which explains what the various fields mean. An announcement about that will be forthcoming. '


Test Case: 

Edit-By: Sannella

Edit-Date: 12-May-84 18':25':03