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Date: 27-Mar-84 11':07':55

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: Need better "GettingStarted" doc for internal Xerox Dlion users

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Date': 26 Mar 84 15':12 PST'
Subject': Lisp': Documentation for Co-existence with other environments on DLions'
Lisp-System-Date': 13-Mar-84 10':21':31'
Machine-Type': Dorado'
In discussion with Steve Purcell and Tayloe Stansbury, occasioned by repartitioning the DLion in the PARC Technical Information Center to enable the TIC to run Interlisp-D, it has become clear that the "GettingStarted" document needs to be augmented to include a simple model of the Mesa world, how Interlisp-D fits into it, and how to set up a DLion appropriately for various default sets of desired co-existing tools. In the long run, this information should be folded into a document which talks generally about all the environments which run on DLions, providing enough information to aid people to make the decisions necessary to partition their Dlion disks.'
The "big picture" information which needs to be set down should include':'
General Model':'
	A Dlion has a local "physical volume" (disk) .'
	Storage capacity is measured in "pages"'
	Different sized disks have 10K, 29K and 42K pages.'
	The disk can be "partitioned" into at most 6 "logical volumes".'
	Each volume has a fixed number of pages.'
	Partitioning the disk erases it. Hence to repartition requires saving everything from all partitions on remote file servers, repartitioning, and then reloading. '
	Each volume has two kinds of code':'
	Code is associated with a partition by "installing".'
	Booting is a way of getting installed code to run.'
~~~~~~	'
	The tool for partitioning is Othello'
	The tool for installing is Othello'
	Saving information before partitioning and restoring it after is done differently for each environment.'
Interlisp-D Environment': Model':'
	Interlisp-D uses'
		1 volume for Lisp'
		1 volume (optional) for local file storage'
		1 volume (optional) for ?'
	The factors determining the size of these volumes are':'
		Lisp': 16000 pages.'
	Interlisp worlds are stored as large files (SYSOUTs).'
	An Interlisp-D sysout can be installed as the diagnostic code of the Lisp partition.'
	Lisp is started by booting ...'
Interlisp-D Environment': Tools':'
	Installing Interlisp-D is done ...'
	Running Interlisp-D is done ...'
Star is ...'
Tajo is ...'
CoPilot is ...'
	Tajo plus a debugger'
CoCoPilot is ...'
XDE is ...'
In addition, a set of "common default" configurations should be identified, and command files written to support their creation. I think we have some of these already, but they need to be augmented to set up the Star world as well as the Lisp world and tested to insure that they are usable by folk without special privileges. Bill Winfield and Carol Lehner have offered to help with this latter phase.'
Date': 14 May 84 13':57 PDT'
Subject': setting up a DLion with Star and Interlisp-D'
To': 1100Support.pasa, LispSupport'
cc': Stansbury, Halvorsen, Halasz, Purcell, Charnley'
reply-to': Martino.pasa'
Steve Martino needs some help setting up the disk at his office to have both Interlisp-D and Star. Has anyone developed a prometheus script or some other utility for doing this? If so, could you send directions to Steve Martino about getting it set up?'
Thanks much,'


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