Number: 216

Date: 20-Mar-84 13':18':50

Submitter: Sannella.PA


Subject: EMPRESS misinterprets Cedar file name

Lisp Version: 1-Mar-84

Description: '
Date': 19 Mar 84 18':02 PST'
Subject': Lisp': EMPRESS Odd file name'
cc': maxwell'
Lisp-System-Date':  1-Mar-84 14':24':22'
Machine-Type': Dolphin'
When I empressed John Maxwell''s lisp notes file from Lisp, it turned up on the printer with a file name on the leader page of "[]<>LispNotes.tioga" (rather than, "[Phylum]<Maxwell>Lisp>LispNotes.tioga"). The fact that the extension is ".tioga" indicates that the file name was put in the press file by Cedar. Is there some funny format for file names which Cedar uses and which Lisp misinterprets?'
Date': 21 Mar 84 08':28':10 PST'
Subject': Re': Lisp': EMPRESS Odd file name'
In-reply-to': "Sheil''s message of 19 Mar 84 18':02 PST"'
To': Sheil'
Cc': LispSupport'
The press file was made from a file whose name actually was []<>LispNotes.tioga.  Cedar uses "[]<>" instead of "[Hancock]<Cedar>" as a shorthand for the root directory of a local machine.  (Thus almost all of the files on a Cedar partition begin with []<>)'
John. '


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Edit-By: Sannella.PA

Edit-Date: 22-Mar-84 10':33':54


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Disposition: [mjs 3/22 status←closed]

System: Windows and Graphics

Subsystem: Printing

Machine: 1100


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Memory Size: 

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Frequency: Intermittent

Impact: Minor

Priority: Unlikely

Status: Closed

Problem Type: Bug

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