Number: 208

Date: 20-Mar-84 11':23':56

Submitter: le.pasa

Source: Martin.pasa

Subject:  "Suspect 9305 caused by bad page on disk"

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Date': 16 Mar 84 18':41 PST'
From': Martin.pasa'
Subject': 9305 MP'
To': 1100Support'
cc': Martin.pasa'
When at U of Texas, I saw a Dlion that was falling into 9305 on the MP with quite a bit of regularity.  I load the EI disk diagnostics and looked at the bad page table.  There were no bad pages listed.  I ran the Destructive exerciser and it quickly mapped out 2 bad pages.  I restarted the Destructive exerciser to let it run 100 passes.  I did not stay around long enough to see if that fixed their problem.'
Just be aware that 9305s may be caused by hardware errors.  '
This example is good justification for giving the wizard password away on the EI disk diagnostics.  But I do not know the best way to do that.'
Date': 20 Mar 84 10':51 PST'
Subject': AR#208'
cc': vanMelle, Purcell, 1100Support.pasa, Martin.pasa'
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System': Operating System/ Subsystem': Virtual Memory'
(You need to look into the DLion maintenance panel code manual.)'
Change Title to': "Suspect 9305 caused by bad page on disk"'
Change Status': to Declined. The AR doesn''t identify an Action Request.... Rick hypothesises that 9305 may be caused by a bad page on the disk. There is no a priori reason to believe that those are correlated, and Rick didn''t stay long enough to insure that there was a correlation.'
Users who fall into MP traps should be encouraged to use TeleRaid from another machine on their net (if they have one) to give us better information about where the MP trap  is coming from. '


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Disposition: System': Operating System/ Subsystem': Virtual Memory'
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System: Operating System

Subsystem: DLion Disk

Machine: 1108


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Status: Declined

Problem Type: Bug

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